Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig: Compare the Differences and Similarities to Choose the Best Program for You

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How Nutrisystem Works

NutriSystem is a program of convenience marketed to easy weight loss as the primary upsell. Simply choose a plan, and the food is delivered directly to you. Nutrisystem offers a plan for diabetics, and vegetarians as well. Follow the Meal Planner and keep a log of your progress. Nutrisystem uses the glycemic index to create their meals, and you have to add a few more foods yourself to balance it out to be proportionately healthy. They teach you portion control and eating more often throughout the day, as well as how to eat right when dining out. There are many wonderful tools to help guide you, such as a weekly weight and measurement log, food diary, and progress chart to keep you motivated.

A Look At Jenny Craig

“Have you called Jenny yet?” is their slogan, and it is one of the most popular programs, with celebrity spokespeople to back this company. This dieting program boasts proven results through a pre-measured, medically approved food plan, based upon the food guide pyramid. Your food is shipped to you and there are several options to fit individual lifestyles, including plans for teens and diabetics. It is a calorie counting type of system, with the ability to add in “free foods” when you follow the daily meal plan. On the Jenny Craig plan, you eat their food, and your own store bought food together. You are then given a consultant to work with you to help implement active living. Jenny Craig also offers plans for those looking to lose a few pounds, as well as those who are extremely overweight.

The Differences Between Nutrisystem vs. Jenny Craig?

Let’s discuss a few of the differences of these two popular diet programs:

  • With Nutrisystem, there isn’t as much focus on creating an active lifestyle, whereas the Jenny Craig program does focus on this area.
  • Jenny Craig has a clearly outlined plan to bring mind, body, and food into balance. Nutrisystem doesn’t have that in their system; you track your progress online instead.
  • Nutrisystem does have a specific plan for vegetarians, which is something you won’t get with Jenny Craig’s cuisine. Instead, Jenny Craig offers a teen weight loss option, and your choice of in-home, or at-center counseling. Nutrisystem’s “28 day meal plan with diary” is more of a do-it-yourself way to go.
  • Nutrisystem looks to be fairly simple, but offers no education on how to regulate eating, since they don’t believe in calorie counting, and the program would keep a person tied down to logging in food information every day in order to maintain weight.
  • When beginning the Jenny Craig program, some daily intakes are as low as 1200 calories, so strenuous exercise could prove to be difficult on this amount.
  • Due to the structured eating format of the Jenny Craig cuisine, weight is likely to be regained quickly, unless one is taught how to eat correctly without the need of the specialized food.

Which One to Choose?

When looking for the answer to how these fat-loss programs rate against on another, you have to ask yourself what you need most out of your weight loss program. One offers more one-to-one counseling, while the other lets you be independent with your goals. If you need convenience, Nutrisystem is your best choice. If you lack discipline and willpower, Jenny Craig might be the way to go. As for Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig, either can help individuals lose weight; it really depends on the lifestyle of the individual, their taste in food, and their pocketbook.


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