A Quick Look at Spearmint Leaf Benefits

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Spearmint, also known as garden mint or common mint, is a chef’s favorite for the unique aroma it adds to dishes. It’s also popular because it’s the least pungent among the herbs in the mint family. Originating from the Mediterranean region, it’s also extensively used to flavor drinks, in salads, confectionaries, and as garnishing for a host of dishes.

Flavor aside, let’s look at spearmint leaf benefits, from the health perspective..

Spearmint Nutrition Facts

Spearmint is a nutritious herb. Here are the nutrition facts for spearmint per 100g serving.

Vitamin A content is at 4054IU, which is 135 percent RDA. Vitamin C content is at 13.3mg, and this makes up about 22 percent of the RDA. Folates stand at 105 mcg, and this represents 26 percent RDA.

Spearmint is also a good source of important minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and manganese. Iron in spearmint makes up 148 percent RDA, potassium manages 64 percent RDA and calcium touches 20 percent RDA.

Health Benefits

If you’re looking for a food item that’s low in calories to include in your diet, spearmint is an automatic choice. It contains only around 43 calories for a serving of 100 grams with 6.8g of dietary fiber which provides 18 percent of the RDA. There’s no cholesterol content to worry about.

The menthol in spearmint contains analgesic, local anaesthetic and counterirritant properties. Other components in spearmint, like cineole, myrcene, limonene and linalool, are powerful agents that act as stress and fatigue busters. Spearmint is also helpful in offering relief for respiratory problems like asthma, catarrh and bronchitis.

Spearmint Tea

The health goodness of spearmint could also be enjoyed in the form of tea. Spearmint tea, easily available in organic herb stores, among others, has a positive effect on nausea, especially one caused by overeating. It also offers relief for sore throat.

The tea is also useful for countering problems relating to the digestive system. For one, it helps with digestion. It does this by promoting the secretion of bile and stomach juices. In most cases, spearmint tea could offer relief within minutes after consumption. The tea is useful in offering relief for diarrhea and heartburn.

Those who suffer from morning sickness, especially pregnant women, would benefit from drinking spearmint tea.

Caution, should, however, be exercised in the consumption of spearmint tea. Pregnant women should avoid consuming it in excess. Studies have also shown that spearmint tea has the tendency to retard the growth of male hormones. Consuming spearmint tea may lead to a weaker libido in men.

Spearmint tea is available in the form of teabags and loose leaves. While teabags offer a convenient way of preparing tea, loose leaves would allow you to enjoy fully the benefits of spearmint tea.


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