New York Style Pizza Calories

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New York Style Pizza

Pizza and a movie, office party, sports game – for many combining pizza with other activities is a tradition. It is estimated that Americans eat forty-six slices of pizza each year. That’s a lot of pizza! It tastes great and it’s so easy to reach for another slice. To combat the ever-expanding waistline, it’s important to know the nutritional content of the foods we eat, particularly those that are high in fat.

New York-style pizza calories are lower than other thicker crust types of pizzas. New York-style pizza typically has a thin crust, is usually light on the sauce and has mozzarella cheese layered over the top. This is the kind of pizza that could be folded over to make a sandwich and can be eaten on the go.

New York-style pizza calories come to about 350 per slice. Whole milk mozzarella cheese contains about 85 calories per ounce. Most recipes call for 16 ounces of mozzarella. One slice of pizza from a large pizza cut into eight slices will contain 170 calories from the cheese alone. Adding other toppings like sausage or pepperoni can add even more calories.

The crust on any pizza is the primary source of carbs. Thin crust will have less carbs than thicker crusts so comparably New York-style pizza can be healthier than other types of pizza.

Moderation Makes All the Difference

Here are some ways to enjoy pizza and prevent the expanding waistline. Instead of adding sausage or pepperoni, have New York-style pizza vegetarian style. Adding peppers, onions, mushrooms and olives makes a tasty delight and increases the nutritional content without adding additional fat.

If you’re going to eat pizza make sure there are lots of healthy food choices. Vegetables as an appetizer prior to eating the entree help fill up the stomach and can help limit the intake of carbs and fats. Pizza with a salad makes for a nice meal, just go light on the dressing or use oil and vinegar.

Listen to your body; stop eating when feeling full. Give it time to send signals saying, “I’m full.” It takes time for the brain to realize the stomach is full, so pace the eating process, rather than gorging and eating several pieces of pizza right away.

Go For a Walk

After eating pizza or any other high carb, high fat food, give your body about 30 minutes to start the digestive process and then get up and walk! Blood is needed for digestion so waiting a short while after eating can give the body time to begin the digestion process. After about 30 minutes, it’s good to walk for a short while. It will help to wake you up and be more energized after eating. Walking is good for the cardiovascular system and helps keeps the body limber and energetic. A healthy body is more likely to use the New York-style pizza calories better than an unhealthy body!