Calories in Fruit Snacks: Nutrition 101

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No Fat, Only Carbs?

Fresh fruit is a good nutritious snack for kids, but if they are not much into eating fresh fruit, fruit snacks that contain real fruit and no added sugar can be a healthy alternative. Most of these confections available in the market include 15 to 20 percent of fruit juices and fruit purees, and are fat free and moderately low calorie.

Normally, calories in fruit snacks range from 45 to 145 calories per serving depending upon their serving size. The good thing about fruit snacks is that most, if not all, of their calories come from dietary carbohydrates and sugar. Many fruit snacks come fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Here’s a list of few fruits snacks along with their caloric value and source of calories.

Farley Fruit Snacks with Vitamins A, C, and E

One serving size of 26g contains 89 calories with fat contributing zero calories. Most of the calories come from the carbohydrate which amounts to 21g per serving. The rest of the calories come from protein which is 1g per serving. Dietary fiber is 0g. According to the label, this snack is fortified with vitamins A, C, and E.

Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups, Berry Flavored, with Vitamin C

The serving size of 2 rolls (28g) contains 104 calories of which 95.5 calories come from carbs; 8.8 calories are contributed by fat; and only 0.1 by protein. The downside of this roll ups is its high sodium content of 89mg and added sugar that accounts for the large portion of the calories.

FruitaBu Apple Roll

One apple roll of 21g contains 80 calories of which 10 (1.5g) come from fat. The total carbohydrate amounting to 16g come mainly from added sugars (14g). Apple roll contains no protein.

FruitaBu Organic Smooshed Fruit - Apricot

This organic fruit snack contains only 35 calories that comes totally from carbs (9g). It contains no fat, no protein, no cholesterol and no sodium.

Seneca Crispy Apple Chips Original

Most fruit snacks contain no fat and no cholesterol, but some snacks such as fruit chips are high in fat content – Seneca Crispy Apple Chips Original contains 7g of fat per serving (1oz or 28g). About 60 out of the total 140 calories come from fats. The rest comes from added sugar and very little from dietary carbohydrate and protein.

The Nutrition Factor in Fruit Snacks

Although, calories in fruit snacks don’t vary much, the nutrition factor is certainly affected by the type of fruit snack the brands sell. Fruit snacks in which real fruits are processed by freeze drying are certainly better than, say, fruit snacks that contain no fruit at all. Freeze dried fruit snacks retain most of the nutritional values, including high levels of potassium, of the fruit albeit at a lower weight or volume. For example, one serving equivalent to 29g of Crunchy N Yummy – Freeze Dried Fruit – Pineapple contains 100 calories obtained from total carbohydrates and it is no different from a regular pack of fruit snack in terms of calories. But, with 165mg of potassium and 48 percent and 6 percent of the recommended daily intake values for vitamin C and calcium respectively, this pack is certainly healthy.

On the other hand, fruit roll-ups such as in Betty Crocker or Gushers which are fruit snacks with liquid filled centers are just fruit flavored snacks since they do not contain any real fruit or fruit juice. Even the fruit snacks with real fruit are often processed in such a way that they lose their original nutritional value. Again, most fruit snacks contain corn syrup as added sugars which not only add to the calories but are harmful as well. So, it is important to check the label on each package every time you buy a pack of fruit snacks.