A Review of Combos Pretzel Snack Nutrition Information

A Review of Combos Pretzel Snack Nutrition Information
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Combos food products, which claim to promote a “Combivore lifestyle” prides on providing healthy snacks. Pretzels constitute an important item in the Combos product range, and come in three variants: Combos Cheddar Cheese Pretzel, Combos Nacho Cheese Pretzel, and Combos Pizzeria Pretzel.

Cheddar Cheese Pretzel

A review of Combos pretzel snack nutrition indicates that a serving (1/3 cup, 1 oz, or 28.5 grams) serving of Combos Cheddar Cheese Pretzel provides a reasonable 140 calories including 45 calories from fat, 4.5 grams of fat including 3 grams of saturated fat, 19 grams of carbohydrates with 5 grams of sugar, 440 mg of sodium, and 3 grams of protein. It does not contain harmful cholesterol, but contains no healthy dietary fiber either.

Cheddar cheese ranks amongst the healthiest of all dairy products, and contains a high concentration of essential nutrients such as protein, iron, zinc, and potassium that provide many health benefits.


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Nacho Cheese Pretzel

Nachos, the popular corn based food are high in fiber and several vitamins such as folic acid, niacin, and vitamin C.

A serving (1 oz or 28.5 grams, 1/3 cup) of Combos Nacho Cheese Pretzel provides 130 with 40 calories from fat, slightly lesser compared to the Cheddar Cheese Pretzel variant, but on the flip side contains slightly higher sodium levels at 450 mg.

The quantity of fat (4.5 grams) and saturated fat (3 grams), carbohydrates (19 grams) sugar (5 grams) and protein (3 grams) in the nacho cheese variant remain the same compared to the Cheddar cheese variant, with the only difference being the Nacho cheese variant contain some healthy dietary fiber (1 gram).

Pizzeria Pretzel

The third variant, Combos Pizzeria Pretzel contain the same calorie (130), calories from fat (40), and sodium (450 mg) as Nacho Cheese Pretzel, and the same level of fat (4.5 grams) compared to the same serving size (1/3 cup, 1 oz, 28.5 grams) as the other two variants. The amount of saturated fat in Pizzeria fat is however higher at 2.5 grams. Compared to the other two variants, the total carbohydrates remain the same as 19 grams, with 1 gram of sodium, and 4 gram of sugar. The protein levels for Pizzeria Pretzels rank slightly less at 2 grams.

All Combos food products remain free from the harmful trans fat.

All these products come with in a 1.8 oz single size pack. The Cheddar Cheese pretzel also comes in a 13 oz big pack.


There is nothing much to differentiate among the nutritional value of pretzel variants available from Combos, but the Nacho Cheese variant and the Cheddar Cheese variant rank higher in health benefits compared to Pizzeria Pretzels.

Comparing the popular Combos pretzels with the nutritional value of pretzels belonging to the unbranded, plain, and unsalted category, one serving (1/3 cup, 1 oz 28.5 grams) of plain and unsalted pretzels provide about 108 calories including 9 calories from fat, 1 gram of fat with no saturated fat, 82 mg of sodium, 22.4 mg of carbohydrates, and 2.6 grams of protein. Combos Pizzeria and Nacho Pretzels rank higher in calories, sodium, and saturated fat levels owing to its flavor and seasoning.

Comparing Combos pretzels with other snacks, Combos pretzel snack nutrition compare favorably on all counts except sodium levels, to potato chips, the most common snack, The same serving size (1/3 cup, 1 oz or 28.5 grams) of potato chips provide 155 calories including 95 calories from fat, 10.5 grams of fat including 3.1 grams of saturated fat, 149 mg of sodium, 14.1 grams of carbohydrates, and 1.9 grams of protein.

A review of Combos pretzel snack nutrition suggests the food as a reasonably healthy snack, if one could adjust to the high sodium levels and limit the daily intake to one serving or the 1.8 oz standard pack at the most. An underlying danger with pretzels however is its consumption in combination with other food items, which brings in uncontrolled calories, sodium, and fat content to the body along with the taste.


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