Choosing Breakfast Foods High in Protein

Choosing Breakfast Foods High in Protein
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Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast cereal can be a great source of protein and nutrients if chosen wisely. One cup of milk provides about eight grams of protein, so when paired with a whole grain cereal it can be a healthy way to start off the day. An example of a high protein cereal would be Kashi Go Lean, which contains 13 grams of protein per cup. Some other high protein cereal choices include oatmeal and bran cereal.

Egg Dishes

One large egg contains six grams of protein, making eggs an obvious choice when it comes to breakfast foods high in protein. Many people eat just the egg whites to get the protein without the cholesterol or saturated fat found in the yolk. Eggs can be scrambled with cheese and salsa for extra nutrition, or cooked into an omelet with cheese and breakfast meat. They can also be eaten plain as a side dish to common meats like bacon or ham.

Breakfast Meats

Breakast Sausage and Eggs, Image Credit: jeffreyw

Bacon, ham and sausage are commonly used as breakfast meats. These meats go well alongside eggs or in omelets. There are 11 grams of protein in four pieces of bacon, five grams in one slice of ham and four grams of protein per breakfast sausage. While these foods can be high in fat, there are turkey and chicken varieties of bacon and sausage that are much more lean and heart healthy. There are now many vegetarian varieties as well, which are made with soy protein. These options provide all the protein with only healthy omega fats.

Bread and Nut Butter

Whole grain bread is a healthy source of not only protein, but fiber to support healthy digestion. One slice of whole grain bread contains three grams of protein. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain eight grams of protein, so when paired with two slices of bread that comes to a total of 14 grams for a healthy, easy breakfast food. Pairing a nut butter sandwich with a glass of milk makes the meal even higher in nutritional value.

Protein Smoothies

High Protein Breakfast Smoothie, Image Credit: dailyfood

It is easy to get creative with a blender and some fruit to make a high protein smoothie. Berries provide an excellent source of fiber, while bananas can add a sweet touch to drinks. Adding in a scoop of protein powder with water or milk, berries and banana creates a healthy, high protein drink that is easy to make and fast to consume. Smoothies are great for people on the go, or when used as a pre-workout meal. A tablespoon of flax or fish oil can be added for healthy fat, making smoothies a well-rounded choice for breakfast.

Using breakfast foods high in protein is helpful to everyone, but is especially useful to people who work out and would like to build stronger muscles. Eating a high protein breakfast first thing in the morning before exercising helps to ensure that there is enough energy to get through exercise and nutrients to repair muscles that were stretched during the work out. These high protein foods can be consumed on their own or combined, depending on the desired level of protein at each meal.

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