What Foods Do Not Have Carbohydrates?

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Plenty of Choices

If you’re ready to lose weight, and want to jump on board the low carb wagon, you’ll want to know what foods do not have carbohydrates. The following foods have zero carbohydrates, and can be eaten without much restriction on most low carb diets.

While it’s great to have a list of no carb foods, be sure to include some carbs in your diet. Carbohydrates provide the energy that’s needed to get through the day, while a diet that’s very restricted from carbs may not provide enough energy.


Water may not seem too exciting to you, but water is an important part of any weight loss diet. Aim for 1/2 your body weight. This will be the number of ounces of water to drink every day. Water is a great help when you’re trying to lose weight. Not only does it fill you up, but water is essential for burning fat. Besides, many times when we think we’re hungry, we are really dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water controls those cravings as well. The best part is that water is completely free of carbohydrates as well as calories. The liver needs a lot of water to flush out unneeded fats, and if the liver isn’t getting enough water, weight loss can be adversely affected.

Meats and Protein

Most meats have no carbohydrates. Just be sure to stick to lean meats, poultry, and fish. Eggs and most cheeses, as well as some brands of sour cream also have little to no carbs per serving. Deviled eggs made with a little yogurt or sugar free mayonnaise make a perfect no carb snack. Lunch meats, like grilled chicken, ham, and turkey are free of carbohydrates. A cheese omelette is a great breakfast or lunch for someone on a low carb diet. Cottage cheese is free of carbs in many cases.


There are many different vegetables that have little to no carbohydrates. Green leafy vegetables are typically low or no carb, so why not make a tossed salad? Just don’t blow it by adding high sugar salad dressings. Some vegetables are not low in carbs, however, such as corn, potatoes, and other starchy vegetables. No carb veggies are freebies in the low carb diet world.

Other No Carbohydrate Foods

There are a few other no carb foods to add to your list as well. These include teas, coffee, cocoa powder, diet sodas, butter, shortening, margarine, and some condiments, like mustard have no carbs.

Always read labels when searching for low or no carb foods. Food labels list the number of carbohydrates per serving. Stay away from additives that denote sweeteners being added to any food. All sugars and sweeteners, except no calorie sweeteners, add carbohydrates to foods, so make sure to guard against hidden sugars in foods.


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