Overview of Health Benefits of Black Seed

Overview of Health Benefits of Black Seed
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Traditional Applications of the Black Seed

The Black Seed (botanical name “Nigella Sativa”), known as Black Cumin, Black Caraway Seed, and the Blessed Seed is a popular natural cure in Asia, Middle East and Africa. This seed has found traditional use in the cure for a wide range of ailments and conditions for the fast 14000 years, and tradition in these places consider the Black Seed as a “healing for all diseases except death.”

The Black Seed herb and oil has been traditionally used to treat diseases related to the respiratory system, circulatory and immune system, stomach and intestines, parasitic infections, kidney, livers, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, common cold, and also skin conditions such as allergies, eczema and boils. Consumption of the Black Seed also contributes to other general health benefits such as increasing body tone, stimulating the menstrual period, increasing milk production in nursing mothers, increasing the flow of breast milk. Black Seed Oil calms the nervous system, quells colic pain, stimulates excretion of urine, helps pertussis, and improves digestion.

Avicenna (980-1037 C.E.), the famous Medieval Middle East physician, in his “The Canon of Medicine”, refers to Nigella Sativa or the Black Seed as the seed that stimulates the body’s energy and helps in the recovery from fatigue and dispiritedness.

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Modern Research

Modern research conducted since 1959 have validated much of the traditional held notions regarding the health benefits of Black Seed. Research proves the Black Seed’s ability to strengthen the immune system, protect major organs from damage and provide effective cure for allergies, asthma, and skin problems.

A major research breakthrough in recent years is the possible ability of the Black Seed to fight cancer. The carotene present in the Black Seed converts in the liver into vitamin A, which retards cancer. Researchers at the Kimmel Cancer, Jefferson, Philadelphia found that thymoquinone, an extract of the Black Seed oil blocked the growth of pancreatic cancer cells and enhanced the process of programmed cell death.

Research conducted by the Cancer Immune-Biology Laboratory of South Carolina concludes that Black Cumin Oil stimulate the production of bone marrow and cells of the immune system, increases the production of interferon, protects normal cells from the damaging effects of viral disease, destroys tumor cells, and increases antibodies producing B cells.

Composition of the Black Seed

The Black Seed grain contains potent sexual hormones, stimulants, digestive enzymes, antacids, and sedatives, all which helps in boosting the immune system and preempt diseases. Black Seed also contains phosphates, iron and carbohydrate which compounds together with antibiotics to kill germs. The presence of beta-sitosterol, an anti-tumor sterol, makes it an effective cure for abscesses and tumors of the abdomen, eyes, and liver.

The Black Seed or Black Cumin health benefits extend to the its amazing chemical composition, incorporating over 100 valuable nutrients. The seed composition is about 21 percent protein, 38 percent carbohydrates, and 35 percent plant fats and oils.

The primary ingredient of the black seed is nigellone, which is a proven reliever of asthma, bronchitis and coughing. Other ingredients include 15 amino acids, carotene, thymoquinone, fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid, minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium, sterols, Vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, and vitamin C, fixed oils, volatile oils, alkaloids, saponin, and crude fiber.

Consumption of the Black Seed

The Black Seed is a safe and effective herb that does not cause irritations or side effects in most people. Much of the Black Seed health benefits come through constant use, and the effects are medium to long term.

The Black Seed can be consumed in itself as a herb or pressed into oil. One traditional way of consuming Black Seed for curative purpose is by crushing five to seven seeds, mixing the powder with oil, and dropping the resulting mixture into both nostrils. Black Seed oil uses extend to direct application to the affected part of the body, or inhalation as a vapor for effective cure of cough and asthma. Black Seed can also be consumed directly or in mixture with other natural products.

The health benefits of Black Seed are not limited to curative purpose alone. Regular consumption of a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil mixed with honey after each meal contributes to better health and strong immunity to diseases.

Warnings and Disclaimer

Consumption of Black Seed lowers blood sugar levels and for this reason, treatment using Black Seed should be supervised by a qualified medical practitioner. Pregnant women should avoid consumption of the Black Seed on a regular basis.

The statements given above have not been evaluated by the FDA or any medical authority and are for educational purposes only.