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The Health Benefits of White Gourd

written by: Kumara Velu • edited by: Rhonda Callow • updated: 9/28/2009

White gourd is a nutritious vegetable you should include in your diet. This humble vegetable is useful if you have a weight problem.

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    White gourd’s plain and unassuming look belies the health benefits it packs.

    Although 96% of its content is water, it has 0.2 % of protein and 0.7mg of iron per 100 grams. Carbohydrates make up 2.9 per cent while calcium is at 0.02 per cent.

    White gourd is easily digested and is easy on the stomach. Those with stomach troubles could safely consume it but do not consume it raw.

    Do you feel dehydrated after a severe bout of diarrhea? Prepare a glass of white gourd juice and add a little salt to it to replenish your bodily fluids. It also does a good job in alleviating thirst caused by excessive consumption of fatty and oily foods.

    White gourd has a measly 12 calories per 100 grams. As such it would be suitable to be included in the diet of those with a weight problem.

    As white gourd is rich in fiber and water, its consumption allows you to control hunger. You can take white gourd juice first thing in the morning to avoid the temptation of consuming a heavy breakfast.

    You can also use its juice as a snack when you feel hungry. Add a little honey for taste. Remember not to filter the juice as this would keep out the fiber which is responsible for giving you a `full’ stomach feeling.

    If you’re preparing a white gourd dish, be careful not to cook it with ghee, butter or oil. It should ideally be prepared as plain soup to be included with your weight loss diet.

    One way you can cook white gourd is by the `waterless’ method. This method avoids stir-frying or boiling the vegetable.

    Studies have shown that stir-frying vegetables results in the loss of 12% of its nutrition content.

    Boiling on the other hand robs about 42% of a vegetable’s nutrition content.

    Here’s how to go about cooking white gourd waterless.

    1) Thoroughly clean white gourd. You could do well to soak it in water with a little salt added. Leave for about fifteen minutes before cleaning

    2) Peel the skin.

    3) Cut into small pieces.

    4) Add to pan and cook in medium heat with a few sprinkles of curry powder.

    5) After removing gourd from stove, add salt or soy sauce for taste.