Benefits of Fish Oil & Tips on How to Find The Best Fish Oil Supplements

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Fish Oil Health Benefits

Fish oil has been proven to have impressive health benefits, such as reducing inflammation in the body and lowering cholesterol levels. Additionally, many doctors encourage pregnant women to take a prenatal vitamin with fish oil, which may have an impact on the babies’ brain development. According to the Journal of Affective Disorder, those who suffer from depression may also see some positive results from taking fish oil supplements. For individuals that want to forgo eating fish, omega 3 fish oil supplements can be a good option.

How to Select the Best Fish Oil Supplements

All omega 3 fish oil supplements aren’t created equally. When choosing a supplement make sure it contains both DHA and EPA, which provides increased health benefits. Also, make sure the supplement is purified, which removes heavy metals and environmental pollution.

Puritan’s Pride Omega-3 Fish Oil

This supplement provides 180mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA that comes from cold water sea fish. This supplement is taken three times a day and provides 1,000 total mg of fish oil. The supplement will cost you $22.99 and contains 250 soft gel tabs, which will last about three months.

Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil

Alaska Deep Sea Fish Oil is made from high quality fish from the deep waters of Alaska. It contains both EPA and DHA fish oils. This supplement is taken 1-2 times daily with meals and contains no corn, milk or wheat (for those with allergies). When purchased, you get 300 soft gels for $9.98, which is about a 5 month supply.

EPA-DHA Balance

EPA-DHA Balance contains pure EPA and DHA fish oils. This supplement is purified to remove heavy metals such as mercury and environmental pollutants. The soft gels are taken 1-4 times daily, and each bottle contains 120 gel tabs for $23.99, which lasts 2-3 months.

Country Life Omega Fish Oil Supplement

Country Life Omega Fish Oil Supplement contains 1000mg of omega fish oil, plus has vitamin C, and E for added nutrition. This supplement contains 200 soft gels, which will provide 200 doses of omega fish oil; which is about a six month supply. The cost of the Country Life Omega Fish Oil supplement is $23.40.