Holistic Nutrition for the Avid Athlete: Learn More About the Proper Nutrition for Athletes

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Holistic nutrition for the avid athlete can be summed up easily as a philosophy where nutritional values meet a whole system of overall health. This means that nutritional elements are not just merely ‘adopted’ into a person’s routine but essentially become an active part of life. Making a couple of changes here and there is not really going to give a body the results it desires or needs. Encompassing all that surrounds health and wholeness is, however, the proper way to lead an athlete to optimized wellness.

What is the Proper Nutrition for Athletes?

When you look into the term ‘holistic nutrition’ you can get an idea of what this means. It is not all about a diet or a strict list of foods but also the supplements, how many times in a day you would need to eat, what to drink, etc.

What you consume plays an important role in every facet of life. From enhancing mental focus to the ability to fight illness and infection and of course making sure that everything in and of the body is performing at its best functionality you need to incorporate proper nutrition for athletes into your routine. Organ, immune, metabolism and brain function are all affected by what we feed our bodies.

Here’s some food for thought on holistic nutrition for the avid athlete: “Nutrition is the most important science in medicine.” - Dr Michael Colgan, Ph.D., C.C.N. bestselling author and world renowned sports nutritionist.

Proteins and carbohydrates are your friends. You need them in order to enhance physical endurance. Lean meats, white meats, whole grains are all great examples of good carbohydrates. Bad carbs are found in sugary junk food and candy bars. This will result in an energy rush but it also follows with an energy crash. As far as proteins go, the best and probably the most effective proteins are found in eggs. By eating quality meals and making sure to include with the carbs and protein some vegetables like leafy greens and fruits that are high in antioxidants and fiber you can boost energy through consuming essential nutrients.

Important factors of holistic nutrition for the avid athlete to remember each day are:

Always eat breakfast, eat five meals a day to ensure energy-growth-nutritional support, drink eight to ten glasses of water a day, and take a multivitamin and extra vitamin C along with a meal to make sure all nutrient demands are met.

Exercise and the Proper Nutrition for Athletes

“Exercise to help your body take the best advantage of the nutrients. When you start to exercise your body says, ‘Why are you doing this?’ But gradually your body starts to energize and wants to exercise more. Keep it up, your body will thank you for it.” - Dr Michael Colgan

So, it is clear that the proper nutrition for athletes is about so much more than only the foods a person eats it is also vital to know how to maximize the energy that the nutrients produce. Athletes will grow healthy and stronger not just because they eat highly nutritious foods but also because they exercise and turn that food into fuel to use.


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