Monosaturated Fats: The Healthy Fats

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The Healthy Way to Eat

Many people believe that fats are the enemy when it comes to healthy eating. We have become a society that is ruled by the marketing we see on TV when it comes to what we think is healthy. There are many products that are marketed as fat free to entice those people who want to be healthier. There are many fats that are unhealthy to consume. The good news is that there are also some fats that are healthy for you. One such fat is monosaturated fat.

Monosaturated fats have been used for centuries to help to keep people healthy. The Greeks have long lived and ate healthy with the use of olive oil. Chocolate was worshipped for its healing powers by the Aztecs. There are many more cultures that have used the many different forms of food that contain monosaturated fats to stay healthy.

Monosaturated fats have been said to help fight many chronic diseases that people suffer from. There have been new studies that claim that these healthy fats can help people to lose weight. It is important to consume some fat in your diet to keep your skin and hair healthy. A completely fat free diet will leave your skin dry and your hair brittle. It is for this reason that everyone should include foods that are rich in monosaturated fats in their diets.

The foods that contain monosaturated fats can be broken down into five categories. It is important to remember as you include these healthy fats into your diet, to make sure that you keep them to a single serving. Even healthy fats can be high in calories if consumed in large portions.

The five categories of food that are rich in monosaturated fats are oils, olives, nuts and seeds, chocolate, and avocados. These are easy foods to add to your diet to make sure that you get the healthy fats that your body needs. Many of these foods have other nutrients that help with your health as well.

Taking a certain type of food out of your diet is not going to be healthy. To have a healthy diet, it is important to consume everything in moderation. Fats have long gotten a bad rap in the media as being unhealthy. Monosaturated fats are the healthy fats that show us that the media is not always right. Consuming monosaturated fats in your diet can help to keep you healthy and perhaps help you to lose a little weight.