Purpose of Bioresonance Therapy

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Bioresonance therapy measures the energy flowing into your meridians through utilizing a highly sophisticated device. It is believed that a subtle form of electricity is used by our bodies to function. If certain areas of our bodies have energy that is too high or too low, the health of those areas could suffer. A basic tenet of acupuncture is the concept, though, it differs significantly from acupuncture. There are several purposes of bioresonance therapy. This therapy may also be referred to as electrodermal testing, BIT, energy medicine, bio-physical information therapy, vibrational medicine, or bio-energetic therapy.

How Does it Work?

This therapy is based on the unproven thought that cancer cells and damaged organs emit electromagnetic oscillations, though, these vary from those that healthy cells emit because of the differences in DNA and cell metabolism damage. The device used in this therapy is purported to detect such differences and be able to tell which organs are affected, therefore, able to use destructive wave interference to cancel out the diseased signal.


What is the purpose of bioresonance therapy? This is the top question of those interested in this therapy. It is purported that this therapy is able to help treat allergies, atopic dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and cancer treatment. As of today, there is no evidence to prove this therapy is effective in treating any of these conditions. In fact, the American Cancer Society is advising patients to avoid using unproved electronic devices as a part of their treatment.

Warnings and Dangers

As of today, this therapy is not known to adversely interact with any drugs or herbs. It is purported that this therapy actually activates chronic illnesses in order to treat them and this is said to be part of the healing process. If this is in fact true, those with chronic illnesses will experience a worsening of symptoms and of their conditions. This treatment also has its limitations. It is said that if a person does not desire to become healthy, this will not work. It is said that if tissue is completely destroyed, this therapy will not be able to regenerate it. It is said that the success of this therapy is impeded by being deprived of essential nutrients. It is said that consuming stimulants, alcohol, or painkillers 12 hours prior to to this therapy, or 24 hours after this therapy, will result in an interference with the associated neuropathways. Some painkillers that may interfere are said to include aspirin, anti-inflammatories, codeine, Vicodin, and Tylenol, among others.


This therapy is still unproven, therefore, bioresonance therapy controversy is around. The American Cancer Society has come out to tell cancer patients not to use such therapy as part of their treatment. While this treatment is purported to benefit cancer patients, no studies prove it will help at all. There is no evidence to support that this therapy is effective for any medical condition.


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