Learn the Best Home Remedies for Cuts: Treat Wounds Easily and Inexpensively at Home

Learn the Best Home Remedies for Cuts: Treat Wounds Easily and Inexpensively at Home
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Home Care of Minor Cuts and Wounds

Minor cuts and scrapes can be cared for at home with simple home remedies. It is important to do something for your wounds by cleansing the area to prevent infection and assist the healing process. There are also ways to help stop a cut from bleeding. If a wound is serious, be sure to seek medical attention.

Being aware of these home remedies for cuts, you can properly take care of yourself and everyone in your household. Knowing what is useful, you can also keep your home medicine cabinet stocked with some of these natural remedies so they are there when you need them.

Stopping Bleeding

In many cases, even a minor cut or scrape will bleed. This is completely normal and even healthy as the bleeding can help cleanse the wound. Too much bleeding is not good, however. To help a wound stop bleeding, the easiest and sometimes most effective treatment is to apply pressure. Be sure to use a clean, sterile gauze or cloth.

Other ways to stop bleeding include:

  • Applying an ice pack
  • Applying a small amount of vitamin E oil to promote normal blood clotting
  • Sprinkling the wound with cayenne powder


To clean a wound, first use soap and water to make sure all dirt and debris are removed. Next, disinfect with one of the following:

  • Hydrogen peroxide is a standard disinfectant for minor cuts and scrapes; simply pour or dab on enough to rinse the entire area

  • Apple cider vinegar can also be dabbed onto the area or it can be diluted with warm water, one part vinegar to eight parts water, and you can soak your cut for about 10 minutes

  • Apply drops of tea tree oil every several hours to make sure an infection does not set in; this should be done after disinfecting with[

    Honey Is a Natural Antibiotic

    ](/tools/)hydrogen peroxide or apple cider vinegar

  • Apply honey, which acts as a natural antibiotic, to the wound and wrap with a clean gauze


After stopping the bleeding and making sure the cut is properly cleansed and disinfected, you can also use ointments and other topical applications to improve healing. A small amount of calendula ointment will speed the healing process. Pure aloe vera gel can also act to protect and speed healing.


Using topical home remedies for cuts you can provide excellent care for minor wounds, prevent an infection and support the healing process. While what you put on the affected area is important, what you put in your body is important as well. For optimal healing, be sure to consume plenty of nutrient-rich foods, particularly green leafy vegetables, peppers, citrus fruits, berries and broccoli.


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