Using an Infant Constipation Home Remedy

Using an Infant Constipation Home Remedy
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Is Your Baby Constipated?

With a still developing digestive system babies can easily be prone to constipation. The introduction of solid foods, dehydration, a lack of fiber, some formulas, and too much dairy can all potentially lead to more difficult and less frequent bowel movements. How do you know if it is time to try an infant constipation home remedy?

Every baby has their own ‘normal’ bowel movements, so what exactly is regular is not clearly defined. If a child begins to have less frequent movements and the stools are hard and appear to cause discomfort then constipation may be an issue. Soft bowel movements, even if they do not occur for several days, are generally not a concern. If you believe your baby is constipated there are several remedies you can use, but always consult your pediatrician as well.


Giving your baby more liquids is one solution for infant constipation. More fluids can help if dehydration is the cause of harder stools. Some juices will also supply some fiber to the diet.

Try offering your baby a small amount of water in between feedings. One to two ounces is enough for smaller infants. Three to four ounces is fine for older babies. Another option is to offer prune juice diluted in water, about one tablespoon for every four ounces of water for younger babies, one ounce of juice to four ounces of water for older babies. While prune juice is the most effective other options include apple, pear, and white grape juice. You can also add the juice to a bottle of breast milk or to formula. Again, start with a very small amount for younger babies, about one tablespoon at a time.

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If you baby is eating solids then consider adding foods that will help relieve constipation. Cooked and pureed prunes, pears, peas, peaches, broccoli, and ground oatmeal are all good source of fiber that can help soften bowel movements. Rice cereal, applesauce, bananas, carrots, and dairy can all actually contribute to infant constipation. Also, pay attention to changes to diet, or even changes to formula in case it is something that is introduced that is causing the harder bowel movements.


Another very safe home remedy for constipation in babies is movement. A gentle infant massage will help to stimulate bowel movements. Gently massage the abdomen with your fingertips for about three minutes. Try this after a warm bath, which will help to relax your baby. For infants you can also gently move their legs in a bicycle motion while they are lying on their back. Encourage an older baby to crawl or be more physically active in whatever way they are capable of.

If after using an infant constipation home remedy your baby’s bowel movements do not return to normal after a few days make sure you contact your child’s doctor. It is possible to use more potent remedies, such as a stool softener or suppository, but these measures should only be taken under the care and suggestion of a physician.


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