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  • Uses and Side Effects of Myrrh Oil
    An integral part of chakra meditation, cosmetics and religious rituals, myrrh oil has a rich history. Here are some important facts and information as well as therapeutic properties and precautions associated with its uses.
  • The Use of Reflexology to Ease Migraine Headaches
    Millions suffer from migraine headaches, and in the past two decades cases have been on the rise. Reflexology is an alternative therapy to consider for prevention and to bring relief during a migraine. Find out how to use reflexology for migraine headaches.
  • Daniel Hauser: 13 Year Old Fears the Dangers of Coming in Contact with Chemotherapy Drugs
    At age 12, Daniel Hauser was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Per the recommendation of his physicians, he commenced a course of six chemotherapy treatments. After fleeing from treatment first, Daniel Hauser came back for treatment.
  • Fact Sheet on Violet Essential Oil
    Though somewhat unknown, the essential oil of violets can be used for a variety of purposes, providing a natural remedy in place of many over-the-counter medications. Learn the basics of this alternative health product and you'll be surprised at how often you will reach for this helpful oil.
  • Natural Tips for Sinus Congestion Relief
    From what to eat to soothing steam treatments you can use at home, learn how to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis naturally.
  • Can Vitamin D Help with the Winter Blues?
    During the winter months when vitamin D levels are typically low, seasonal affective disorder affects millions of Americans, primarily those who live in the Northeast. Can adding more of this nutrient to your diet reduce symptoms?
  • Natural Therapy for the Relief of Sciatica
    Alternative treatments for sciatica such as a mineral-rich diet and massage therapy can bring effective relief. Learn how to reduce pain and repair nerves naturally.
  • Alternative Therapies to Improve or Enhance Mental Health
    There are many options available for the treatment of mental disorders. Talk to your doctor about using alternative medicine for mental health.
  • A Guide to the Healing Powers of Crystals
    Crystals are the most perfectly formed structures found in nature. To many, they are nothing more than lovely gems and stones; but to those who study vibrational energy, they are also tools for healing.
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