Ways to Use Bergamot Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

Ways to Use Bergamot Essential Oil in Aromatherapy
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Bergamot Fruit

Bergamot essential oil is made from the bitter citrus fruit, bergamot. The peels of the ripe fruit are cold pressed to extract this balancing, uplifting essential oil. Sweet and with tones of orange and spice, bergamot is very popular in perfumes and fragrances and is used to scent Earl grey tea, but it also can be used in natural healing. How is bergamot essential oil used in aromatherapy? What other oils does it blend well with? What are the safety precautions?

As a Pleasing Mood-Enhancer

Bergamot is first and foremost an essential oil for elevating mood and dispelling frustration, irritability and negativity. It is excellent for improving mental well-being and instilling confidence in the shy. Keeping a handkerchief scented with bergamot oil in your pocket or purse to inhale when necessary is never a bad idea for easing those tense, stressful days. With natural anti-depressant properties this essential oil is helpful for mild depression and seasonal affected disorder.

Which essential oils are well-suited to blend with bergamot for supporting a positive psyche? To turn around a dismal mood, try equal parts of bergamot and sweet orange essential oil. If shy or nervous try blending equally with sandalwood and adding one drop of black pepper. To help with stress, but encourage focus of mind combine equal parts of bergamot with nutmeg. For easing anxiety and depression blend with clary sage and jasmine.

One of the best ways to use bergamot oil for psychological well-being is though inhalation. If you have an essential oil burner or vaporizer blend the oils as appropriate and diffuse into the room, enjoying for no more then 20 minutes at a time.

You can also make a homemade room deodorizer to create a more positive environment with bergamot and other oils. Using a spray bottle, blend 25 drops of your choice of essential oils for every 16 drops of purified water. Keep in mind that essential oils will quickly degrade. Make enough for a one-day use as the oils will lose their potency if stored in a spray bottle.

Interested in making your own bergamot perfume? Blend three drops of bergamot, three drops of neroli and two drops each of jasmine and sweet orange essential oil with one-half ounce of jojoba oil. Use a small amount for scent and store in a tightly sealed, dark glass bottle.

Infections and Well-Being

Bergamot can also be used for its antiseptic, antibiotic properties to help cleanse the skin and fight infections. Naturally stimulating the liver, stomach and spleen, using bergamot essential oil in aromatherapy can improve overall well-being, help protect the body from mild infections and calm digestive issues such as gas and upset stomach.

Soaking in a bath with bergamot essential oil can benefit acne on the back and shoulders, oily skin, psoriasis and eczema. Use three drops of bergamot, three of lavender essential oil and two drops of frankincense in one cup of milk for a skin conditioning bath. A warm, soothing bath is also great for getting over the common cold and promoting a restful sleep. It may help with urinary tract infections and respiratory infections, although there are no clinical trials to support this. Use four drops each of bergamot and clary sage in one cup of water and add to warm bath water before getting in. Soak for 15 minutes.

Safety of Use

Bergamot essential oil is safe for use although always talk to your doctor before using aromatherapy if you are pregnant, nursing, if you have a medical condition or if you are taking any type of medication. As with all essential oils do not ingest bergamot oil without the supervision of professional therapist. Bergamot, like other citrus essential oil can increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. For this reason it is important to avoid sun exposure after applying to the skin. Do not use a bergamot lotion for example and then go out into the sunlight. Take a bergamot bath at the end of the day before going to sleep rather then first thing in the morning if you know you are going to be outside with skin exposed.

Bergamot not only has a wonderful scent but it is also a beneficial therapeutic oil. It is perfect for uplifting mood but it also works well for mild infections and cleansing the skin. Bergamot blends well with many popular oils such as lavender and frankincense. Enjoy aromatherapy oils such as bergamot but keep in mind they are potent and it is important to use them safely.


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