Being Grounded: Learn These Simple Tips for Getting Grounded and How to Improve Your Health for Free with This Simple Daily Habit.

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What Does Being Grounded Mean?

Being grounded is simply a matter of being connected to the earth. While this may seem like some mystical, far out there idea, there is actually new peer reviewed medical research pointing to the important affect that being grounded has on our health. Researchers discovered that the earth is filled with free antioxidant electrons that flood our bodies the minute we touch our skin to the earth. This information was discovered back when the telegraph was being invented. As they were putting telegraph wires into the earth they discovered that the earth was filled with negatively charged electrons that prevent oxidation. Preventing oxidation is the job of antioxidants that most of us are trying to put more of into our bodies for disease prevention. Now you know how to get more of these into your system for free every single day!

Antioxidants help to prevent inflamation and being disconnected from the earth promotes oxidation which in turn also promotes inflamation.

How Can Being Grounded Improve Your Health?

Researchers have studied the health benefits of being grounded by looking at the different aspects of health that are affected by simply touching the earth with bare skin on a daily basis. What they have found is that the difference is absolutely profound. This significant difference in the health of those that get grounded regularly is one of the most significant health discoveries that every person on the planet can benefit from!

According to natural health expert, David Wolfe, the research has shown that the atmosphere has a positve charge and the earth has a negative charge. Since we are constantly exposed to the atmosphere and not nearly connected to the earth often enough we end up with too many positively charged electrons in our bodies. This over abundance of positive charges causes oxidation which is the main cause of aging!!! Imagine that, free anti-aging technology in your own backyard!! He also found that being grounded detoxifies us and normalizes our pH levels. This is why we get so relaxed when we are barefoot in the sunshine and also why jumping into a natural body of water is so incredibly refreshing.

How to Get Grounded

Being grounded happens so easily that anyone can do it every single day. Even one minute, skin to skin with the earth can make an enormous difference. Of course, the more you get connected to the earth, the more it will affect the levels of inflamation in your body. Have you ever noticed how refreshing it is to take a shower? The reason that it feels so good is that taking a shower grounds you! Since water comes from the ground it is a great source for being grounded. You can even simply touch your hand to the earth. Standing or lying on the earth while talking on your cell phone will eliminate the negative affects that you get from the radio waves involved with cell phone use.

The next time you consider trying to change your diet or buy some supplements to stay young and healthy, why not try being grounded instead? Or even better, do all of the above for maximum results.

For more information about being grounded, visit David Wolfe’s Longevity Now video on the subject at


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