Traditional Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

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Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine is also called Western medicine, conventional medicine, allopathic medicine, and biomedicine. In traditional medicine people visit their doctors for a yearly check-up and only when they are sick. Doctors in traditional medicine treat their patients’ symptoms and diseases with drugs, procedures and surgeries.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is also known as homeopathic medicine or natural healing. A variety of practitioners help patients with alternative medicine techniques. People visit alternative medicine practitioners on a regular basis to maintain their health and prevent any health problems.

Traditional vs. Alternative Medicine

In traditional medicine a patient enters the doctor’s office with a cough. The doctor will usually advise the patient to take a cough suppressant (either over the counter or a prescription form). The cough suppressant would force the body to stop coughing so much and help aid the coughs in ridding the body of whatever is bothering it. In alternative medicine the practitioner or doctor would look at why the patient is coughing and try to treat any underlying causes instead of making the symptom simply stop. Alternative medicine treatments include herbal remedies, massage, meditation, yoga, chiropractic care, accupuncture, accupressure, exercise, diet, and homeopathy. The treatments of traditional medicine are drugs, diet, exercise, procedures, and surgeries. Alternative medicine focuses on preventative methods and maintenance. The idea is to maintain the body and mind’s health before it becomes sick. In traditional medicine there is some talk of prevention (usually advice to patients to stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake, and to lose weight), but the focus is more on getting rid of the symptoms.


Many people are now choosing to combine traditional and alternative medicine. Healthcare is becoming much more effective now that patients are choosing to combine traditional and alternative medicine. When the people demand something, organizations make sure it is their for them. People have been demanding more natural healing methods and are getting them in alternative medicine.

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