Learn About Toxemia: Find Out What You Should Know About Toxemia

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How Does Toxemia Happen?

The body is an amazing machine. This machine must constantly burn fuel, dispose of waste products and rebuild and replace worn out dead cells. Over seven year’s time, your body replaces every single cell in your body. All of these dead cells must be eliminated from the body. In addition to this, waste from normal digestion, bad diets and environmental toxins need to be eliminated from the body. This activity is very taxing on the processing system, but if the waste is not eliminated properly, eventually it will build up and literally poison the body which can be fatal.

The liver and the kidneys are the two main organs that eliminate these toxins. When the liver and the kidneys become overworked, toxemia occurs and the secondary organs begin to help purify the body and eliminate toxins. The secondary organs that are called in to help eliminate these toxins are the lungs, large intestine, bladder and the skin. Unfortunately, these organs are not meant for this. For example, the lungs are meant to eliminate carbon dioxide gas only, not other toxins. When the secondary organs are pressed into service, it leads to other illnesses and disorders because they become inflamed, irritated and weakened.

When all of the body’s toxins are not being eliminated properly, they can also become deposited in other parts of the body. Again, this causes illnesses in the areas where the toxins are being dumped. This could be many areas like in the joints causing joint pain.

Other Factors In Toxemia

The world we live in is filled with unhealthy, processed, overcooked and over sweetened foods which places much more stress on the liver and the kidneys than they are designed to accommodate. This leads to the premature breakdown of these organs. This is simply bringing to us a society filled with asthma, arthritis, bacterial and viral infections and weakened immune systems. In addition to the amounts of unhealthy, dead food that we put into our bodies, we listen to when we are told that you must eat a balanced diet from all four food groups at every meal. Unfortunately, they fail to mention that this type of eating habits forces our bodies to digest food combinations that are literally impossible for us to accomplish. Different types of foods are digested in different ways and if they are combined at the same meal, there is no way for your body to properly digest everything that you have eaten. The result is massive doses of toxins being left in the body from improper digestion leading to further toxemia.


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