Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper: Learn How Cayenne Pepper Can Stop a Heart Attack and More On This Super Potent Spice

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Know Your Pepper

Cayenne Pepper belongs to the Capsicum family and is the fiery red spice that adds zest to most Indian, Native American and African cuisines. It is the spice that makes us puff and pant and causes steam to fissure out of our ears. However, few people are aware that cayenne pepper is one of the most potent spices in terms of healing and curative properties. Native Americans have been depending on this hot ingredient to cure several ailments for centuries.

The magic ingredient in cayenne pepper responsible for its medicinal benefits is capsaicin. It is also the ingredient that lends the hot, pungent and spicy flavor to the pepper. Capsaicin is said to be so effective that it enhances the potency of other natural drugs and herbs taken along with it. In fact, it acts as a catalyst for many drugs used in alternative and natural healing.

Health Benefits and Medicinal Properties

Cayenne pepper extracts have been proven to stop a heart-attack right in its tracks. Many natural healers advice patients suffering from cardiovascular disease to carry a bottle to cayenne pepper along if medical help is not immediately available in case of any eventuality.

Cayenne pepper powder applied directly to a cut or a wound stops profuse bleeding and also acts as an antiseptic. This technique of preventing excessive blood loss also minimizes the risk of permanent scar formation. Try this only if you are brave enough to put up with the excruciating burning sensation that follows!

Cayenne peppers are packed with essential nutrients and anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, C, K and beta-carotene (which explains the bright red color). These nutrients give natural immunity a boost and strengthen the body’s defense mechanism.

Capsaicin is a proven natural pain reliever and decongestant. It is extremely effective in neutralizing muscular and joint pains. Topical creams and ointments containing capsaicin as the main ingredient are often prescribed for arthritic aches and cluster headaches.

A concoction of cayenne pepper in warm water is a sure fire sure for pesky colds and blocked noses. The “heat” from the pepper clears respiratory congestion within seconds and provides immediate relief from sinusitis and flu-related symptoms.

Contrary to popular belief, cayenne pepper has been shown to aid digestion and prevent gastric ulcers. The antibacterial component in the herb destroys harmful bacteria and prevents the spread of infections within the digestive system.

Get It On Your Plate

Here are a few ways you can include this hot wonder-herb in your family’s daily diet:

· Cayenne pepper can add flavor to almost all curries and gravies. You can also sprinkle a bit on your breakfast eggs and sandwiches.

· It can be used in combination with boiled vegetables with a twist of lemon for a zany flavor.

· If you don’t mind experimenting, spike your tea or cocoa with this fiery spice.

· If spicy food is not your thing, consider taking capsules containing cayenne pepper extracts.


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