Learn Home Remedies for Children to Cope with the Symptoms of RSV

Many children become infected with RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). This is an extremely uncomfortable illness to experience. The symptoms of RSV cause a child to be miserable with relentless coughing. There are natural remedies for children that can make the symptoms easier to cope with. Although the remedies will not cure the infection or make the recovery time quicker, it can make the experience easier on a child.

Sitting Upright

Children with RSV can often breathe easier if they sit upright. If the child is a baby, they can be placed in a car seat to keep them upright. With the child sitting up, their airways will remain open and are less likely to become blocked. When a child sleeps, keeping their head elevated will allow them to sleep easier because they will be able to breathe better.

Moist Air

Moist air can help a child with RSV breath better also. A cool mist humidifier can be used in the child’s room to create moisture. A hot air humidifier should not be used because it can make the air too humid for the child to breath easily. With moisture in the air, the congestion and coughing symptoms of RSV can be relieved.

Saline Nasal Drops

Saline nasal drops can be used as a remedy for children to clear nasal congestion. When saline nasal drops are used before a child eats or sleeps, they will be able to breathe better. The drops can be made at home using salt and boiled water or bought at a drug store.

Warm Fluids

It is important for children with this infection to get plenty of fluids. Warm fluids, such as soups and teas, can ease a sore throat and loosen thick mucus in the throat. The steam of the warm liquids can open nasal passages as well. Frozen treats, such as ice pops, can also be used to sooth a sore throat.

Cigarette Smoke

Children with the RSV infection should not be around cigarette smoke or smoke of any kind. Smoke can make the symptoms of the infection worse because it can cause irritation to the nose, throat, and lungs. Smoke may also make the healing time of RSV longer.

These simple natural remedies for children with RSV can make the symptoms of the infection easier to cope with. Because RSV can last for a lengthy amount of time, the less the symptoms are, the better for the child. Unfortunately, these remedies are not capable of increasing the healing time or eliminating the infection all together.


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