Boosting Immunity in Children: Natural Methods of Building Your Child’s Immune System

Boosting Immunity in Children the Natural Way

Boosting children’s immunity is a matter of concern for all parents. We live in an age where attacks on the immune system are rife. The environment in which children have to be brought up is fraught with challenges and unhealthy situations. If you’re child is always getting sick, or your concerned they may become sick you may want to try some natural remedies and immune boosters. Perhaps the best part about these methods is that they can be administered in your home and over time you will see tremendous results.

For Allergies

Recently, my daughter had developed respiratory allergies that kept us up all night. The cough was so bad that the suggested line of treatment was for that of asthma in children. The pump was not an option for us, so we ventured into naturopathy. Omega-3 oil, calcium-magnesium powder, Echinacea drops and sambucol (elderberry syrup) were recommended. Within days we saw the improvement in her condition. The omega-3 fish oil was great for reducing inflammation in the chest and so reducing her coughing bouts as well. Gradually, these food supplements improved her health and created an environment in her body with no room for sickness.

Aiding Digestion

Another remarkable natural remedy is acidophilous powder – something that can be given to boost the health of the digestive system. It is said that 70 percent of a person’s immune system resides in their digestive tract. A sound digestive system can account for sound immunity.

Fighting Infections

Manuka honey is another natural immune booster. It has anti-bacterial properties and can be given to help fight off infections. A word of caution however: manuka honey is not meant to be given to children under two as it can create a condition called botulism. The immune system in children is not fully developed until they reach the age of two and hence cannot be given manuka honey (which is a complex sugar and can be hard to breakdown in young children and babies). When buying manuka honey, look for the UMF factor (Unique Manuka Factor) as higher the value, the more potent the honey.

What Not to Do

It is equally important to know what children should not eat. Loading up on junk and food that is not fresh or that which is full of additives and chemicals can impair an otherwise healthy immune system. Some food can aggravate certain conditions and further affect their immunity. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always an option for a quick bolstering of the immune system, if the child is generally healthy.

Physical Exercise

Yoga is another natural immune boosting method. Children can be started on a regular yoga practice, including pranayama and simple creative visualizations after they turn 7 years of age.