Herbal Sleep Aids for Children: Safe & Natural, Herbal Sleeping Remedies for Children

As a parent we try and give our children the safest and most effective remedies when they are sick or need a little help fixing physical problems. Some parents today are turning to prescription or over the counter sleep aids to get their children, including teenagers, to sleep. Most do not realize that these sleep aids can be damaging to their child’s young body. Let’s discover some all natural herbal sleeping remedies for children.

Reasons for Sleep Problems in Children

By examining the reasons behind the sleeplessness a parent can get a better idea as to why the child is experiencing the difficulty. This will help the parents fix the problem in the children’s daily life in order to repair the issues and prevent them from reoccurring.

Stress is probably one of the most frequent problems children have, especially teens. Society is forcing children to grow up way too fast. As a result children are feeling large amounts of pressures. Find out if your child is “dating”, dealing with peer pressure, having trouble in school with grades, has poor study habits, etc.

After you detect the problem it is mandatory you set limits or change the environment. For example; if dating is the problem, perhaps the child is not ready to handle such a relationship. For difficult areas of school maybe a tutoring program or other alternative should be considered.

In cases of smaller, younger children, some factors of insomnia might include growing pains, fear of the dark, or a disruption in their routine. In some cases these things can not be avoided but they should at least be addressed. A child’s routine is very important to their security. When it is disturbed the children can feel unsafe or nervous.

Safe Herbal Sleep Aids for Children

For healthy children who do not have any allergies, the following herbal remedies are considered safe and highly effective. However, a nutritionist or herbalist can appropriately portion the right amount for a child to take based upon weight and age.

Aromatherapy for pillows or baths:

Herbal tea ingredients:

These are all very calming and relaxing herbal sleeping remedies for children. They have been used for centuries to combat restlessness and promote a healthy sleep habit. These herbs are gentle to a child’s young and delicate system. As always, to ensure safety, a physician or nutritionist should be consulted to be sure there are no allergies to plants or flowers.


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