Beneficial Uses Of Nanotechnology: Six Ways Nanotechnology Can Help In The Future

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There are many possible uses of Nanotechnology, some may be closer to being implemented than others, but of the foreseeable applications, six stand out as being the most beneficial uses of Nanotechnology:

Providing Renewable Clean Energy – With the demand for energy forecasted as increasing by 50% by 2025, the need to balance the use of fossil fuels and environmental costs is crucial. Nanotechnology can help fill the gap for energy solutions by offering more efficient lighting, fuel cells, hydrogen storage and generating localized power generation.

Healing and Preserving the Environment – Nanotechnology can provide solutions through monitoring of pollution sources by the use of nanosensors, lower energy needs and reduction of harsh cleaners by using nanocoating on surfaces.

Making Information Technology Available to All – Nanotechnology can greatly reduce the cost of electronics, making it more available to people whom before could not afford it. It can also enhance the performance of memory, displays and processing components of computers.

These are only some of the possible uses of Nanotechnology can be used, but each of these alone is reason enough to pursue the research into the field. Some say the possibilities of using Nanotechnology are only beginning to be realized, and through more in-depth studies, more and more applications will be presented.