How to Prevent & Cope With Premenstrual Syndrome: Learn Simple, Natural Ways to Overcome PMS

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Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) affects women in many different ways. Some are fairly unaffected by their menstrual cycle while others are found to be almost dysfunctional. Symptoms can include bloating, acne, back aches, head aches, abdominal cramps, breast tenderness, mood swings, cravings, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, water retention, anger and depression.

Relaxation techniques and exercise can be effective, natural ways to help ease the symptoms of PMS. Experimenting with different methods such as yoga, meditation and deep breathing can provide you with simple solutions to treat symptoms quickly, easily and without extreme costs. Exercising can be quite helpful too but should be done with caution. Start with 15 minutes and evaluate how you feel before you continue.

Other natural remedies for premenstrual syndrome include:

• Get some air. Take a walk and connect with nature.

• Increase your intake of B6 vitamins three days before you expect symptoms to begin.

• Eat smaller, more frequent meals during the time of your period.

• Sit in direct sunlight for approximately 15 minutes per day to increase your intake of vitamin D.

• Avoid caffeine and nicotine.

• Dampen a towel with hot water and place over crampy areas. Lie still and relax while it cools. Repeat as necessary.

• Raspberry leaves contain fragine which tones the uterus and helps ease cramping. They can be made into a wonderful tea for you to relax with when symptoms arise.

• 10-15 drops of motherwort tincture can be started mid cycle and taken daily until bleeding starts. Your period may be slightly heavier the first month of this as the uterine muscles relax and release more of the uterine lining. This will level off.

• Black Cohosh can be used to quell muscle spasms.

• Angelica root, kava kava and red raspberry can alleviate cramps. Rosemary will help with the cramps also and calm your nerves at the same time.

• Black Cohosh, strawberry leaf, valerian root and peppermint can all help stabilize mood swings.

• Wild yam contains natural progesterone and is effective in relieving many PMS symptoms if you tend to have a mirage of symptoms every month.


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