Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

Male Yeast Infection Symptoms
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A male yeast infection, also sometimes referred to as a penile yeast infection, is a type of fungal infection, caused by Candida, that affects the penis. There are several things that can cause a male to develop this infection and when he has one there are certain male yeast infection symptoms that he may experience.

Causes and Risk Factors

Candida, a yeast family fungus is what causes this infection. Though it is uncommon, a man can sometimes acquire a yeast infection from a woman when she has one and they have unprotected sex. There are also several factors can increase a man’s risk of developing one. These include:

Low Immunity: Having low immunity can make a man more susceptible to this infection. Some causes of low immunity include chronic stress, lyme disease, an underactive thyroid, and HIV.

Diabetes: Men who have diabetes are more vulnerable to this infection because a beneficial environment for yeast can be created by elevated sugar in the urine.

Antibiotics: Men who have taken antibiotics, typically recently or for a prolonged period of time, are more susceptible to a yeast infection because these medications can kill the “good” bacteria that is found in the crotch and on the penis.


Not all men will experience symptoms. However, when male yeast infection symptoms are present they can include:

  • Penis head soreness and irritation
  • A clumpy, white discharge from the penis
  • Small blisters may develop on the penis’ head
  • Severe itching affecting the penis’ head
  • The penis head may turn red in color


When a yeast infection is suspected, the doctor will ask the patient about his symptoms and will ask about the risk factors. If the patient does have some of the symptoms, the doctor will most often examine the penis and will take a sample of the discharge, if there is any present, and send it to a lab for further analysis. This sample will then be tested under a microscope to determine if the fungus that causes this infection is present. A urinalysis may also be performed, especially when no discharge is present.


male yeast infection symptoms pills

Men can use the same over-the-counter products that females use to treat this infection. These products should be used exactly as directed. If symptoms persist, then he should consult a physician. A doctor can prescribe prescription anti-fungal medications, such as Nizoral and Diflucan. Patients can also consult with their physician about certain home remedies and herbal anti-fungal remedies. Some herbal anti-fungals include organic coconut oil, Genetian violet, and organic oregano oil.

It is also important to avoid sexual intercourse until the infection has cleared up completely. Keeping the penis and the crotch area as dry as possible, since yeast grows and thrives in moist environments, is also greatly beneficial. This can be done by applying talcum powder or baby powder to the area.


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