Learn About the Symptoms and Treatment of Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

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What is Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis?

Prostatitis is defined as inflammation of the prostate gland. In chronic bacterial prostatitis, the inflammation is caused by the presence of microbes. The patient will demonstrate recurring infections caused by the bacteria. Most often, the bacteria is of a common strain that is normally found in the urine. This condition is quite rare, but is curable. However, treatment may not always be successful, and prolonged treatment is typically necessary.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Symptoms of bacterial prostatitis can be quite similar to other disorders. They may include burning or painful urination, blood in the urine, and difficulty emptying the bladder. Many of these symptoms occur with the other three types of prostatitis or with a bladder infection. However, the key symptom that distinguishes this disorder from the other types of prostatitis is the increased frequency of urinary tract infections. Prostate examination and urinalysis are the most common diagnostic tools and are quite accurate in diagnosing this particular disorder.


Treatment for this type of prostatitis involves microbial medication. Typically, the patient must take the medication for up to six months to prevent the infection from occurring again. This medication may not always cure the condition. As a result of the infection(s), blockages commonly occur, making it difficult for the person to void. When this happens, other medications and/or surgery may be needed to correct the problem. After surgery, it may be necessary to begin microbial treatment again.

Risk Factors for Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis

Some men are more likely than others to suffer from this prostatitis. Young and middle-aged men are more at risk for bacterial prostatitis than older men. Other types of prostatitis are usually found in older men. Those who have had an infection of the prostate and have suffered a trauma to that region have increased risks. The condition can also result from the use of a urinary catheter and is more prevalent among men infected with HIV.


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