Violet Flame Meditation: Harness the Power of the Flame of Forgiveness

Violet Flame Meditation: Harness the Power of the Flame of Forgiveness
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What Is The Violet Flame?

The electromagnetic spectrum includes many frequencies and wavelengths, such as radio waves, ultraviolet rays and x-rays. A rainbow shows the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum beginning with red light and ending with violet light. Violet is the highest frequency of the shortest wavelength and is at the point of transition to the ultraviolet or invisible spectrum.

The color violet has long been associated with spirituality. The violet flame is also called the “Flame of Transmutation,” the “Flame of Mercy,” the “Flame of Freedom,” and the “Flame of Forgiveness.” It is believed to contain a unique spiritual energy that can help you in all areas of your life. Many people feel it can help heal emotional and physical problems, change negative energy into positive energy, erase bad karma of past mistakes, and help you to grow spiritually.

How To Practice Violet Flame Meditation

When beginning to practice any meditation it is important to be able to relax and let the energy flow. Choose a time of day and location where you will be undisturbed for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Sit down with your back, arms and legs straight. Be completely still. Breathe deeply and slowly until you are fully relaxed.

Next, focus your attention inward on the center of your being and in the area of your heart. You may want to visualize your heart glowing and emitting light rays, like a bright sun. Continue to focus on this feeling of energy while remaining still and calm. Begin to expand the light throughout every part of your body. Then visualize the light changing to a beautiful violet color. Slowly make it deeper and more intense until your whole body is filled with a stunning violet light, filling your aura and consciousness.

The spirituality of the violet light is harnessed through a spoken prayer or decree. The words of your decrees should be simple and self-empowering. “I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity that is desired!” It is important to choose a decree or meditation with which you feel a connection. Start slowly, saying your decree out loud several times. Fill your words with passion, devotion and feeling. As you continue to repeat it, the energy will increase. Visualize the violet flame surrounding you, your friends, family, your home, and continue to modify it to your needs. Continue to visualize the flame throughout your body, flowing in your arteries and veins, restoring them to perfect health. As you end your meditation session, you will feel the negative energy leaving your body, and peace and harmony will encompass your heart. You will be in a very spiritual state of mind.

Benefits Of Violet Flame Meditation

The real cause of many physical problems is often deeply rooted in your mental, emotional and spiritual being. Through meditation, the violet flame can help heal your body by changing negative energy into positive energy, flushing out your aura, and thereby healing and cleansing your body, both physically and mentally.

Although each person’s results will be different, by consistently practicing this type of meditation, many people have experienced increased clarity, enhanced creativity and more peace in their life. You may notice that you respond to difficult situations more calmly and feel happier. During your practice of this type of meditation it is important that you consciously work on forgiving and letting go of past resentments. Just close you eyes and watch them disappear into the flame.


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