Principles of Chi Energy

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Chi is energy. Sometimes referred to as the Universal Life Force, chi is a part of all matter and flows through all living things. It is what connects us all to each other and to all things in nature. Chi moves and changes as it runs through your body carrying information to other parts of your body and to other living things.

By learning how chi influences your health and your mind, you can learn to determine how it is affecting you and how to change it if you want to. Chi is constantly moving in and out of you and outside forces will affect your inner chi. There are powerful forces of chi like from the moon and the weather that many people believe have a noticeable effect on our behavior. Even less powerful energy can alter your mood like the energy of people around you or the fabric of the clothes you are wearing.

You can learn to easily judge how your chi is affecting how you are thinking and feeling and learn to regulate it to improve your health. Chi can become blocked in your body or can become excessive. As you become aware of how to tell if your body chi is blocked or in excess, you can do specific things to bring it back to the center so that it can flow freely.

There are many different methods that you can use to alter your chi and center it. One of the easiest methods you can use is simply using breathing techniques to activate an energy exchange in your body. By concentrating on your breathing and using techniques like energizing breathing and calming breathing you can literally breathe new energy into your body. The best part about breathing techniques is that they are easily done anytime and anywhere once you have learned the techniques.

Guided visualizations and meditations are also very effective for altering your chi and resuming your balance. Herbs, teas and the food that you eat are well known in the natural health world as easy and effective ways to alter or maintain your chi in the proper balance. Teas are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and have many soothing effects. Teas can create a rapid change in our emotions and our long term health. By choosing the proper teas to create the effect you need at the moment, you can use them to treat conditions like headaches or lack of energy. Everything that you eat has its own chi therefore by choosing to eat more living foods and raw foods; you can greatly influence how your diet affects your chi.

Chakras are areas of intense, swirling chi activity in specific areas of your body. There are seven main chakras in the body and they directly relate to your emotions and your overall health. These chakras each correspond to specific areas of your body. Therefore, they can be used quite effectively to treat conditions in different parts of your body based on your chakras and where the condition is that is affecting you.


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