How Does Major Depression Disorder Affect a Person's Performance?

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What is Major Depression Disorder?

How does major depression disorder affect a person’s performance? Major depression disorder makes its unwelcome presence when a person loses their ability to function as a regular adult. One of the most distinctive traits of major depression disorder is when a person becomes so enthralled with their depression that it prevents them from doing many of the activities they enjoy. It can also interfere with their ability to maintain full-time employment.

What Happens When a Person Suffers from Major Depression Disorder?

Major depression is more than just being sad or depressed when life doesn’t go according to plan. This type of depression occurs more often than normal and can wreak havoc on the life of those diagnosed with it. Many people who suffer from this disorder experience depression more often than someone who only experiences situational depression a few times in their lifetime.

Major depression not only interferes with a person’s ability to participate in activities they enjoy, it can also affect their ability to complete many of the everyday tasks regular people do on a daily basis. A person who suffers from major depression disorder lives a life where their depression takes control of their life.

Imagine, not wanting to get out of bed because you feel so consumed by depression? Or not wanting to take a shower, or meet with friends because you are depressed? These are some of the scenarios a person who suffers from major depression might find themselves battling with on a daily basis.

Loss of Friends and Loss of Interest

It is because of major depression that many people who suffer from this disease often lose friends and have a hard time making new friends. When an individual becomes so consumed with their depression, it turns into a vicious cycle. They end up alone and become depressed because of their lack of friends; however, they have difficulty making new friends due to the problems they face on a continuous basis.

Sufferers of major depression disorder also lack the motivation and drive to make new friends and to keep the friends they have because of their inability to get pass their depressive symptoms. Close relatives will be affected by a depressed individual, as this disease can have damaging effects on the entire dynamics of the family.

This behavior is exemplified when the person suffering from major depression secludes themselves from others and loses interest in many of the activities the family participate in together.

Poor Performance and Loss of Job

When an individual suffers from major depression disorder, it can affect their ability to perform at work. This happens when a person begins to doubt their aptitude in handling certain duties and activities. In addition, a person with major depression loses interest in many of the routine tasks they used to perform prior to the onset of the illness. There is also a tendency to make careless mistakes as it becomes difficult to concentrate or complete tasks.

For these reasons many people who suffer from major depression may lose their jobs. If the person continues to make careless mistakes, they might negatively impact the overall performance of the company or business.