Diabetes Healing Products for Diabetic Complications

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Introduction to Diabetic Complications

Diabetes is a well known condition that has two forms. The main sign someone with diabetes will have is a high level of blood sugar. If the blood sugar level is not properly controlled or treated, this can result in diabetic complications. There are numerous healing products that can be used to help with diabetes and its complications. Since diabetes results in a high sugar level, one of the most important things will be to reduce this level and then treat the complication. Without doing so, the treatment administered will be in vain. It is always best to treat the source of the problem.

There might not be a cure for diabetes, but by treating the complications, the person’s quality of life is raised significantly. Here are some common complications and the diabetes healing products that can treat them.

Sores on Feet

As a result of diabetic neuropathy, the skin can become cracked and dry and prone to infection. This can result in sores or ulcers on the feet and legs, which heal slowly. If the infection does progress, it may lead to gangrene and limb amputation. Someone with diabetes may be unable to feel if something is too hot against their skin. This can result in burns or skin damage.

Therefore, a product that is used in foot care is diabetic shoes. These are worn by those who need extra protection and healing to deal with the complications that arise in foot care with diabetic patients. However, they can only be obtained by prescription for those on Medicare.

Glaucoma Medication

One of a second type of diabetes healing products designed to treat the complications associated with diabetes is called glaucoma medication. One of the complications of diabetes results in notable changes within the eyes. The person with diabetes can develop glaucoma or cataracts because of their medical condition. Glaucoma is a condition where there is a raised intraocular eye pressure. The vision becomes cloudy and the person may see circles and bright lights in their vision. As the blood sugar level rises, this complication can show up more frequently. Glaucoma medications such as apraclonidine, timolol and acetazolamide are used to lower the pressure at the back of the eyes. If left untreated, this complication leads to blindness.


A third type of healing product for diabetes complications are called clot busting drugs. Diabetic patients are prone to heart and vascular conditions. They are at a higher risk of stroke and heart attack because of their medical condition.

A stroke is often caused by a clot or blockage that reduces the blood flood to the brain. By administering a clot busting medication such as tissue plasminogen activator, the clot is dissolved and this complication is treated. This is used as a treatment in someone who has already had a stroke. The medication can go into all aspects of the vessels to dissolve blood clots.


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