The Emergency Blood Sugar Remote Monitoring System For Diabetics

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What Type Of System Is It?

The emergency blood sugar remote monitoring system is a system that uses broadband or wireless Internet or a phone to communicate the blood sugar levels of the person using it. The system reports the findings over the system to a medical professional on the other end of the phone and Internet.

This system gets the people that are using it more involved in their own self-managed care and is more convenient because they can monitor their blood sugar levels without having to leave their homes.

How Does It Work?

The person that uses the system is asked to check their blood sugar levels anywhere from one to three times a day and insert the results into the system. They system then sends the information to a health professional on the other end. The health care professional is then able to record and monitor the information.

If the blood sugar level is falling out of normal range for that person, then the health care personal can advise and even send emergency help to the person’s home. Which in many cases can save lives that otherwise could have been lost.

They system gives the person that is using it a peace of mind that someone else is there in case of an emergency. The system is mainly used in assisted living situations, however can be used if a person is living in their own homes. There are several home health care providers that offer this service with their home health care plan.

Are There Any DIsadvantages?

There are some disadvantages to using these systems. The main disadvantage is that the person that is using the system must be able to input the information correctly. If they are elderly or if they are confused in the first place due to blood sugar levels, the information transmitted to the health care professional at the other end may not be the correct information.

The person that is using the system in their home needs to be able to understand how the system works and how to use it properly. They also must be able to comprehend what they are doing. This means that if the person is unable to self manage the system for any reason, then the system is useless for their particular circumstance.

There has been a growing concern in the limitations of using this system in these types of situations unless the person is healthy enough to monitor and use the system him or herself.

If a person can use the system properly without limitations such as ailing health, then the system can be the perfect solution for their needs.


Under the right circumstances, the emergency blood sugar remote monitoring system can and does save lives. It also is responsible for saving on health care cost and prevents needless hospitalizations that otherwise benefit no one. This definitely is the wave of the future and is becoming more and more popular every day.

However, this system is not a substitute for calling 911 if there is an emergency and should not be used for patients that have an acute medical problem. It is very important to consult with a physician before relying on this type of monitoring system.


American College Of Physicians