Beating Cancer with Nutrition: A Real Possibility

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How to Beat Cancer with Nutrition

Nutrition seems to play a vital role in cancer prevention as well as cancer treatment. Different foods are useful against different types of cancer. There is a fair amount of controversy over the precise nutrition-related benefits for cancer, but there is a general agreement over the fact that nutrition does have an impact against cancer. A number of doctors fervently believe that beating cancer with nutrition is certainly possible, and recommend specific diets to their patients. Various government health agencies also encourage people to opt for a balanced and nutritious diet to fight off the incidence of cancer.

Role of Nutrition in Cancer Treatment

The National Cancer Institute, the principal cancer research agency of the U.S. government suggests that proper nutrition contributes significantly to cancer treatment. The right diet plan must be followed before, during and after cancer treatment. It helps the patient to have an improved strength to survive the disease. The intake of essential nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates is critical for the cancer patient. However, the challenge for the patient remains that the side effects of the disease as well as the treatment therapies make it difficult to eat properly.

If the patient manages to eat a healthy diet, it will help him or her to maintain the necessary body weight. This is crucial for the body to retain its strength, fight against infection, repair the damaged tissue, and prevent new tissue from getting damaged. Nutrition is critical for the patient to withstand the severe effects of cancer and its treatment therapies. There are certain cancer treatments that have shown to be more effective in patients who managed to eat a healthy diet before, during and after the treatment. Stronger treatment doses can be administered to patients who have been eating a proper nutritious diet, which helps to improve their chances of recovery.

Role of Nutrition in Cancer Prevention

There have been numerous scientific studies to determine the precise role of nutrition in preventing the onset of cancer. There is little consensus among the scientists regarding the preventive benefits and whether beating cancer with nutrition is a real possibility or not. However, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that points in the direction of linkage between certain cancers and diet. Therefore, it is a fairly logical conclusion drawn that if certain modifications in diet are made, it can be the best defense mechanism against those cancers. The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) stated in its 2006 report “Food Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer” that eating more fruit and veggies is the next best way to cut down the risk of cancer, after not smoking.

The WCRF report specifically identifies fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole grains and oily fish for their high antioxidant levels that can fortify the body against potentially carcinogenic toxins. The Royal Marsden Hospital in London, a leading cancer treatment facility in the country, has published a book titled “Cancer: The Power of Food” that advises people on the benefits of nutrition in preventing various cancers. There has also been extensive research in the United States linking the intake of fresh vegetables and fruit with the prevention of cancer.


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