The Top Cancer Treatment Centers and Why

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How Are These Treatment Centers Selected?

The top cancer treatment centers in the U.S. save lives every day. There are millions of people that receive the treatment that they need because of these centers.

Nine hundred hospitals in the U.S. are known for offering treatment for cancer.

Each year the U.S. News & World Report releases a list of the best hospitals in the United States after an annual survey is conducted and completed by RTI International, a leading research organization based in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

To be considered for placement on the list a hospital has to meet one of four criteria:

1. Must have at least 200 beds

2. Must be an active teaching hospital or affiliated with a medical school

3. Must have four or more up to date technologies such as CT/PET scanners, radiation therapies

4. Must have the reputation of giving high-quality medical care

Mortality rates, patient safety and in some cases the difficulty of procedures are also factors in what hospitals are listed on the list and in what order they are ranked.

What Centers Are on the List?

It is important to note that for the last twenty-one years the list has remained the same as far as the way the rank is determined. The list was created to help guide patients who need treatment in specific conditions. They also rank the hospitals in fifteen other specialties such as kidney disorders, pediatrics, burns, heart disease and many other specific specialties such as diabetes.

The results of the annual survey for the best hospitals that treat cancer are:

1. University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - located in Houston, Texas

2. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - located in New York, NY

3. Mayo Clinic - located in Rochester, MN (they also ranked #1 in the treatment of diabetes, kidney disorders and gastroenterology disorders)

4. Johns Hopkins Hospital - located in Baltimore, MD (they also ranked #1 in neurology and gynecology treatment)

5. University of Washington Medical Center - located in Seattle, WA

6. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - located in Boston, Ma

7. Massachusetts General Hospital - located in Boston, MA (they also ranked #1 in psychiatry)

8. University of California San Francisco Medical Center - located in San Francisco, CA

9. Cleveland Clinic - located in Cleveland, OH (they also ranked #1 in treating heart conditions such as left ventricular systolic dysfunction)

10. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center - located in Los Angeles, CA

The top cancer treatment centers mentioned on this list are considered the best in the country. However there are many other centers that might be more convenient for a cancer patient to receive their treatment. It is important to discuss with a doctor which treatment center might be best for the person needing treatment.


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