Jenny McCarthy and Her Experience With Her Autistic Child

Jenny McCarthy and Her Experience With Her Autistic Child
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Jenny McCarthy’s and Her Autistic Child

Jenny McCarthy is a very passionate lady who has written a book, “Louder Than Words” that is a best seller in telling a mother’s journey in healing a son with autism. She has written about her sayings, deeds, and reactions to her son after hearing the devastating diagnosis of autism. She is a faithful and strong lady whose strong faith has let her be able, to a wide extent, help her son to get cured. By divine intervention, Jenny was first given two big hints about her son’s future diagnosis in order to take great care of him. The first one was seeing him convulsing in his crib and needing 20 minutes to stop the seizure. In the hospital, she was told that the seizure was caused by fever and Jenny was surprised because her son didn’t have a fever.

Jenny somehow knew that something was wrong with her son, which became her second hint. Her suspicions continued when her son had a second seizure where he was foaming at the mouth. She believed that this seizure was caused by a fever, so she dealt with the seizure. When her son’s heart stopped for a while, Jenny felt at spiritual peace even with the additional seizures and the heart issue. When Jenny was told by a neurologist that she had a son with autism, she then understood her journey ahead.

Jenny had to learn the cause of her son’s autism and then the cure. She worked with medical staff in creating a healing journey that consisted of creating an effective diet for her son that contained vitamins and good nutrition. In understanding her son’s autistic symptoms, Jenny was able to understand how toxins and environment impacted her son’s autism. She wrote the book to help other parents understand their children with autism and help educators understand how to help students with autism. Jenny encouraged parents to listen to their instincts and move forward in helping teachers and other resource staff find strategies that work to improve learning for children diagnosed with autism.

Parents have to cooperate together to learn from their autistic children in how to deal with them and in how to change their actions to make their lives simply better. The theme of change in the parents’ life is crucial because they must develop attitudes to help children realize that the transition from good to better in the life of an autistic child is important on many fronts in helping children with autism move towards a journey of healing and learning success.

Below are references that contributed to the creation of this article and additional references to understand more about students with autism and ways parents and teachers can help students with autism work effectively in dealing with their diagnosis and its cure.

Jenny McCarthy Today

Jenny considers her son’s MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination as a most likely cause for his autism. She is the co-founder of Teach2Talk, a school for autistic children and is active in Sherman Oaks, CA-based “Generation Rescue,” an autism advocacy group that she is the spokesperson for.

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