Herbal Remedies for Labor Induction: What to Use to Safely Induce Labor

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When to Induce Labor

Impatience is not a valid or respectable reason to induce labor. All moms-to-be get a little anxious and come to a point where they are tired of being pregnant and want to see their baby. But, this is a dangerous thing to do if your baby is not fully developed. Yes, they will probably live outside the womb but their development can be severely impaired due to the selfish acts of an impatient mother.

With that said, a responsible reason to induce labor is when the due date has come and gone. If you missed you due date then your baby is fully developed and taking herbal remedies for labor induction is a safe alternative to strong drugs used in the hospital or manually breaking the water using medical tools.

Safe Herbal Remedies for Labor Induction

Below is a list of various herbal remedies for labor induction that have been used for centuries to effectively and safely induce labor without undue stress or trauma to the baby and mother.

• Some women have found much success drinking tea made from red raspberry leaves. This gently induces labor.

• Black and Blue Cohosh

• Evening Primrose Oil

• Lobelia

• Motherwort

• Partridge berry

Herbal Remedies for Labor Induction FAQ

Let’s go through a few quick questions and answers to commonly asked issues. If you have a question about any of these herbal remedies for labor induction or if you have a general question that is not answered here you should talk to a professional before taking anything to induce your labor.

Q.) I had amenorrhea and was taking Dong Quai to start menstruation. Because it makes the uterus contract can’t I just use that to induce labor?

A.) NO! Dong Quai is a wonderful herb to start menstruation but it can also cause excessive bleeding during labor and delivery. Remember to learn about herbs before you use them or you can end up damaging yourself or your baby if they are used improperly.

Q.) I only have a couple weeks to go before my baby is due, is it really going to harm it if I use herbal remedies for labor induction?

A.) YES, it can really harm him/her. So, the answer is NO. Always wait for that due date, putting your child’s life and future development at risk is simply not worth it.

Q.) I am allergic to a few plants, are herbal supplements safe for me to take?

A.) Unless you have taken the herb before and know for a fact that you are not allergic to it the answer is NO. If you are allergic to an herb and do not know it, you can severely complicate your delivery.

There are many herbal remedies for labor induction but trying one at a time is a safe way to achieve success. If you take many different herbal remedies for labor induction at one time you may cause more pain and stress during the birthing process which can lead to hemorrhaging.


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