Waiting For Labor: Natural Ways To Induce Labor at Home

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When a person reaches the end of their pregnancy, they sometimes start looking for ways to help speed along the process of childbirth. Although there are several medical interventions such as induction that will bring on labor, there are also a variety of natural methods.

One natural method is to use Castor oil to induce labor. By taking a certain amount of Castor oil at the end of your pregnancy, you will force your body to start contracting in response to the oil. One of the reasons that your body starts to contract is that your body is not able to digest the Castor oil. This makes your stomach unable to process the oil and pass it through your intestines (which happen to lay over your uterus). In return, your intestines begin contracting which often causes diarrhea – and leads to your uterus contracting and starting labor.

Receiving a foot massage is another great way to bring on labor naturally. The body is equipped with pressure points that trigger certain areas to respond in different manners. The pressure point for the uterus is located on the feet. By massaging this area, a person will be sending signals to the brain to contract the uterus.

Stripping the membranes of a pregnant woman is another way to naturally induce labor. The process involves a doctor or midwife gently making a sweeping pattern inside the cervix to break away the bag of water from the uterus. This process usually starts labor within several hours.

Having intercourse during the late stages of your pregnancy can also induce labor. Most doctors and midwifes actually suggest that couples have intercourse more often during the last month of pregnancy to help bring on labor. The reason that this brings on labor is that a chemical located inside sperm causes the cervix to soften.

Finally, a person can bring on labor by nipple stimulation. Nipple stimulation is the process of massaging the nipples of a pregnant woman. Doing this will release oxytocin which is the natural chemical found in the body that causes contractions.

As you can see, there is several methods available to help bring labor on naturally.