What is a Free Birth? Learn More About the Process of Unassisted Birth

A free birth is known to be an underground movement, which involves women giving birth to babies usually in their homes, without being assisted by a doctor, midwife or any other medical professional.

Who Can Assist in The Free Birth?

Also known as unassisted births or unassisted home birth, the free birth can take place in the presence of the woman’s husband or any other person they feel comfortable with in the absence of a husband.


Mothers who are into unassisted births believe that free birth is a process that should go on peacefully and naturally without unnecessary interventions from any medical personnel. This option is therefore good for women who live natural lifestyles and those who have trust in their body’s ability to give birth in a peaceful and natural way.

Free birth is also good for women who believe their bodies are programmed to know what they should do during the birth of babies and feel safe without the prodding and poking that is associated with medical personnel i.e. using vacuums, breaking the woman’s water and using forceps. Mothers who are disillusioned with the conventional birthing community because of an awful birthing experience in a hospital or such setting may also choose to go for the free birth.


The free birth gives the mother full control during childbirth as they direct the birth and do everything on their own. Another advantage of this method of giving birth is that the mother is the first person who touches their baby and she gets to spend the first moments of her baby’s life uninterrupted. This kind of birth allows husbands or partners to play a fully supportive role in the childbirth under the directions of their wives or partners. Not going to the doctor’s office for a mother that has decided to go for this mode of giving birth, can help them do away with the stress of knowing their blood pressure, the amount of weight they have gained and so on.


Free birth is the subject of many arguments with some people vehemently opposing it while others are seriously advocating for it. Doctors tend to believe the freebirthing process is a threat to the life of both mother and baby.

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