How Teens Get in Shape

The Fun Factor

Having fun is how teens get in shape! Think about a cool rock-climbing event or a swimming pool full of teens in the summer. Many teens love riding a bicycle, and ride several days a week to stay in shape. Lots of teens who live near the beach love to surf. Snowboarding is a teen winter favorite. One thing is for sure, fun activities are more likely to attract teens than boring, monotonous exercise. If you’re a teenage who would like to start an exercise program, why not try a fun, energetic activity. It’s a lot easier to stick to exercise that you enjoy.

Make a list of activities you might like to try, like diving or ice skating. Make it a goal to try at least one new type of activity each month. You’re sure to find something that you enjoy. Once you do, start participating in the chosen activitiy several days a week. Soon, you’ll be really good at it, and you’ll be in great shape too.

Organized Sports, Anyone?

Many teens who are in good physical shape play some form of organized sports. Organized sports provide lots of opportunities to exercise, and there’s an accountability factor involved that makes it work. Coaches expect participants to show up for practice, and most sports training practices are pretty intense. Most teens can find some form of organized sports they enjoy, whether it’s tennis, soccer or football. There’s a huge variety of possibilities out there for teens. Why not give one a try?

Even if school sports isn’t for you, there are a lot of community sports leagues where you can get involved with less competition and more fun. Another possibility is dancing. Have you always wanted to take ballet or some other form of dance? Dancing is great exercise, and it’s not so competitive in nature. Try a class at a community dance theatre. You just might be the next dance star!

It’s A Social Affair

Even if organized sports aren’t your thing, it doesn’t mean exercise is out of the question. Exercise centered around social activities plays a big part in how teens get in shape. Think skaters! They get together and skate. It’s just as much a social thing as a workout, but we all know that skate boarding can be one tough form of exercise. So skating isn’t your thing? Try a kickboxing class with a group of friends at your local fitness center. If you’re not into a crowd, why not grab your best buddy and go for a walk together? You can catch up with all the latest gossip, get outside and breathe some fresh air, and be active all at the same time.