Seven Indoor Preschool Gym Activities Your Kids Will Love

Why is Fitness Necessary for Preschool Kids?

Preschool-age kids need fitness, too. Even the weather is no excuse for keeping our young children inactive and uninvolved in fitness. Much to the contrary, it is a great reason for being prepared to get and keep them moving on a regular basis, whether indoors or outdoors. Indoor preschool gym activities offer a great way to get kids well on their ways to being physically, mentally and socially fit as they develop balance, body movement, coordination and gross motor skills.

Basic Prerequisites

As with any fitness endeavor, it is necessary to get approval from appropriate caregivers, such as Pediatricians. This will help to ensure that kids are at a health or fitness level that is conducive to the preschool gym activities they will participate in, minimizing or eliminating chances for injury. Be sure the kids have nutritious meals or snacks and water.

Kids Have Opinions, Too

It is also important to get buy-in from kids rather than force them to do something they don’t want to do. There are many ways types of preschool gym activities. Allowing the kids to have a say in what activities they will perform will significantly increase their interest, level of participation and performance safety. This will also enhance their willingness and ability to make fitness a part of their lifestyle.

Seven Indoor Preschool Gym Activities

It’s exciting to know that we can keep our little kids healthy, fit and expending some of their abundant energy in positive ways, while sparing parental sanity! Get them moving, and be sure you are involved in at least some of the activities. By doing so, you are setting an awesome example while showing them that you care about their health and fitness. Before beginning, learn about how much activity is enough for small kids. You can get started with these seven indoor preschool gym activities: 1. Jumping jacks while counting or reciting the alphabet 2. Nerf ball dodgeball · Freeze dance to music 3. Hula hooping to music 4. Runng in place to music 5. Throwing up a nerf ball and catching it five times 6. Throwing a nerf ball back and forth with another kid Kids are sure to enjoy participating in these indoor preschool gym activities, so much that they will run back for more! So, be prepared!

Give Praise and Kudos

It is so important to recognize kids for there accomplishments, but even more important to recognize and commend their efforts, regardless of the outcome. Doing so will help to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence and inspire them to continue. An ideal goal is for this age group is for preschool gym activities to help kids develop healthy fitness habits and live healthy lifestyles.

As we know, kids are inspired by and learn very well from other kids. This makes preschool gym activities an optimal method for kids getting and remaining in shape, while at the same time, helping other kids to the same. Its contagiousness and domino affects prove to be for the greater good of the big picture, community wellness.