Fun Summer Activities for Kids: Ways to Have Fun and Stay Healthy

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Taking Advantage of Summer Months

Kids relate to summer time with baseball games, hop scotch, big blockbuster movies, and the ice cream man cruising around in his truck through the neighborhood playing “pop goes the weasel” where all can hear. This short amount of time can easily be gone in the blink of an eye. Taking part in fun summer activities for kids will get the most of the short 3 months that Mother Nature provides.


In several towns, summer time is marathon season. Many parents want to join these but refrain because of their children being out of school and the task of finding a sitter. Now-a-days, many marathons are including children in this activity. Instead of running a full marathon, children can choose to run or walk in a 1K or even a 5 K, (which is considerably shorter than what the adults are running). There are also family 5Ks, where the whole family can join in this endeavor together. Completing a challenge like this will not only help your kids stay active, but will give them a chance to feel accomplishment.

Jr. Lifeguard

For the not so fair skinned, swimming is the ultimate summer pastime. Community swimming centers offer Jr. Lifeguard training for those wanting to be a lifeguard as a summer job when they are older. The classes for a minimal fee will teach kids all of the proper swimming strokes, how to react when a swimmer is in danger, and how to properly dive in for the rescue. Some classes include CPR training, which is always a useful skill to have in or out of the pool. These fun summer activities for kids will come in handy in their future.

Little League Ball

It is fun to watch baseball games in a stadium. However, with all the cotton candy and hot dogs, take caution not to leave those places having to make a new hole in your belt buckle. Kids can have fun playing baseball or softball on local little league baseball/softball teams. Many towns have these teams divided by regions or districts, and a fee for the uniform is required. This will provide fun for the whole family, and will allow your kids to gain confidence as they hear their family cheering for them in the stands. You will get a chance to bond with your young one, as you practice in the backyard or at your local park playing catch preparing for the big game.

Miniature Golf

If your kids do not want to commit to a team, you can still enjoy fun summer activities for kids without joining a team to do so. Local miniature golf businesses allow kids to practice patience while putting. Some of these places also have a batting cage or bumper boats, which is fun for the family or for a neighborhood kids outing. Afterwards, kids can let loose at the arcade games area.


If you cannot afford to spend money at these establishments, take your child to your local tennis court. This is free as long as you have the equipment and what kid doesn’t like to wack a tennis ball? If there is a park nearby, take your kids to the swings and slides. Kids will never forget how much fun it is to have their parents pushing them on the swing way up high with the summer winds blowing in their face.

Decide Which Fun Summer Activity is Best

Whichever fun summer activities for kids you take interest in, remember to be safe and to get the most out of these warm days. Soak up the sun and enjoy your active summer!