Why Is Gym Class So Important


Most schools, including middle and high school level programs, require students to take a P.E. class. There are a number of facts about why is gym class so important. The federal government promotes an hour a day of physical fitness activities for children, which can be fulfilled in part by gym class.

Social Skills

One of the biggest reasons as to why gym class is so important is that it encourages children of all ages to develop social skills. While it it never fun to be picked last for a team, the team efforts in most P.E. classes require participants to work together. Those who misbehave are often penalized in their grades and may even be disciplined at school and at home. Participating in team sports and other activities develop essential skills that children will need to use all their lives at home, in the workplace, and out in the world.

Physical Benefits

Physical benefits are a major reason to answer the question of why gym class is so important. While any P.E. program cannot make up for poor eating habits or laziness at home, it can go a long way toward benefiting a child’s physical health. Exercise helps promote bone and muscle growth and also lowers blood pressure. In addition, physical activities in gym class help the child develop stamina, which is important to the lungs and heart. Young people who exercise exhibit better behavior and sleep patterns that will help them the rest of their lives.

Energy Outlet

P.E. programs offer a legitimate energy outlet, which may be especially important for growing children and teens. Those who actually practice the lifestyle of why is gym class important tend to avoid fights with other children and may be more apt to share toys and equipment. In addition, children have a lot of excess energy which they can run off in gym class. This helps prevent behavior problems in in the classroom and at home from boredom and lack of sustainable activity.