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BAM!.gov: A Kids' Health and Fitness Website

written by: Cheryl Gabbert • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 2/26/2009

BAM!.gov is a health and fitness website produced by the Centers for Disease Control. The website is geared toward health and fitness for kids. It's a fun and functional website, full of interesting facts and health and fitness information. Hey kids, go to for some fitness fun!

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    Kids' Fitness Made Fun

    BAM!.gov is a health and fitness website for kids. It's produced by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). BAM! means body and mind. This is one cool site for kids who want to learn more about health and fitness. Kids who visit BAM!.gov can choose to visit any of six main pages. These include Diseases, Food/Nutrition, Physical Activity, Your Safety, Your Life, and Your Body. In this review, I'll be focusing on the Physical Activity page, although the other main pages offer supportive information to kids looking for ways to improve their overall health.

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    Physical Fitness for Kids with BAM!

    Kids' fitness fun is the offering at BAM!.gov's Physical Activity main page. Kids can create their own fitness plan under the Activity Calendar section. They are guided in how to add activities to a calendar. Kids can choose from many different fun fitness activities to incorporate into their very own workout plan. Then they can print out their calendar to post in a convenient place. The activity calendar plans fitness activities for one week at a time.

    Activity Cards is an interesting section of the Physical Activity main page. Kids can choose from 31 different sports and fitness activities that have kid appeal. When they click on an activity, they will gain a wealth of information about the chosen sport. Everything from diving, gymnastics, jump roping, and martial arts is listed. Kids will learn how to play the selected sport, any equipment needed, lots of fun facts about the sport, what parts of the body are worked when engaging in the activity, and how to play in a safe way.

    Another great area on the Physical Activity main page is the "I Heard" Hurdle Race. This is a quiz related to fitness. It consists of true and false statements. Kids click on an answer, and learn whether or not they jumped the hurdle or not. If the answer was wrong, the quiz is quick to show the child the correct answer and why. This is a great tool to test a kid's knowledge of physical fitness.

    Finally, kids can visit the Spotlight Zone. This is where they will learn about how to overcome physical challenges related to sports and fitness. They can read stories here that inspire kids to participate in physical activity no matter what personal challenges they may deal with.

    I absolutely recommend this website. Physical fitness for kids was never so fun.

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