Keeping Baby Warm During Winter Workouts

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Walking in Winter With Kids

Winter workouts can be a bit of a challenge, and even more so when you have a little one to think about. Young children are much more sensitive to the elements. They just can’t take the cold, even if you can. So what do you do? A little extra preparation is all that’s needed to get your child ready to accompany you this winter on those outdoor walks. First of all though, you’ll need to check the outdoor weather conditions. If there is heavy rain, extremely cold temperatures, or any other condition that could be dangerous to a young child, I would suggest an indoor workout. As long as the conditions are not severe, you can bundle a child up and take her along with a few simple suggestions.

Choose a roomy jogging stroller with a roof and sides. This will provide protection from any rain or snow you may encounter. Even if it’s dry when you start, who knows what winter weather can bring without warning, so be prepared for precipitation if your child is with you. Try an all-weather stroller cover or bunting to keep out snow and rain and keep baby warm during your winter workouts.

Your child should be dressed in a warm fleece bunting or snowsuit with a hood or hat with ear coverings. Sherpa buntings will eliminate the need for a snowsuit, but if your child is older or you don’t have access to a bunting, snowsuits are great. Don’t forget mittens to keep baby’s hands warm if you are using a snowsuit. A fleece blanket or two, depending on the temperature, is great for added warmth and protection from the wind. Top it with a knit blanket if needed.

Always start with several blankets and remove them if baby gets hot. Fold them up and place them in the basket under your stroller if it’s too warm for your child. Check your child frequently to make sure she’s not getting cold. Feel her hands and body to make sure the cold isn’t too much for your little one. Head inside if baby is fussy or seems to be too cold. Babies and toddlers can be comfortable in cold weather with a little planning, and they’ll enjoy getting out for a breath of fresh air no matter what the weather.