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Prevent Childhood Obesity Through Fitness

written by: Jennifer G • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 1/8/2009

You can take a few simple steps to help your child live a longer and healthier life. Teach your family about diet and nutrition by adding fitness exercises for kids into your regular routine.

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    Today's Kids Need Exercise

    Fitness exercises for kids can go a long way in helping them stay healthy. In fact, it's more important than ever. Evidence of this can been seen in the rise in obesity rates among kids. The reason for this trend is that kids are more sedentary than previous generations. If this trend isn't reversed, today's kids will face problems with their health as they get older. Pediatricians are already seeing more children with heart problems, and diabetes. These are typically conditions that people develop as adults. All of this can be prevented if kids stay active.

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    Enjoy Outside Activities

    One of the main reasons for the rise in obesity rates among children is due to the fact that they are spending too much time watching television or playing games on the computer. In many cases, they are eating junk food while they do this. As a result, they are not burning as many calories or getting enough exercise.

    Encourage your kids to play outside. This really isn't hard to do since kids are naturally energetic. There are plenty of activities that they can participate in that are both fun and will get them in shape. Most kids love to play tag, and hide and go seek. These two games make good fitness exercises for kids and they will give them a good cardio workout, helping them burn calories.

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    Make Fitness a Family Affair

    Children learn by example. They are more likely to stay active if their parents are also involved fitness. Go out for a family bike ride, or take a walk together. This is a great way to enjoy quality time together. It's also an enjoyable way to get fit, which means that everyone involved will be more likely to stick to the program. Find creative ways to include fitness in your regular routine. Let the kids help with work around the house. Teach them how to vacuum, and clean. This will allow them to learn skills that they will need later in life while they stay active. Involve them in outdoor chores as well. Let them help with the gardening or maintaining the lawn. This will not only help keep them fit, but it can also teach them to appreciate nature.

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    Teach Kids About Good Nutrition

    Nutrition is also an important part of any fitness plan. Kids are naturally curious and are often willing to try new things. Let them try new healthy foods. Experiment with different snacks which include fruits and vegetables. They may not like everything, but they are bound to like something nutritious. For example, try snacks like carrots and low-fat ranch dressing, or broccoli and spinach dip. If they don't like those, try something else. Most kids have a favorite fruit., too Experimentation will help kids form healthy eating habits, which will help them stay healthy. A good nutritional plan along with fitness exercises for kids, will go a long way in reducing their chances of being overweight.