Trying to Conceive: 3 Ways To Get Pregnant Naturally

Achieving pregnancy can be a trying experience for some couples. Especially when a couple tries to conceive several months in a row without any results. However, there is a few methods to increase your fertility naturally that all couples should try before considering alternative methods of conception.


If you have never tried Charting before, you are missing out. Charting is the best way to learn what is happening with your body and can indicate a number of fertility signs. The method of charting consists of taking your basal body temperature when you wake and keeping track of it on a chart (which can be found online). You will also monitor the daily changes in your cervical fluid, cervical position and also other body signs. As a general rule, your temperature will stay the same throughout your cycle except on the day of ovulation. On that day, your temperature will drop.

Egg Whites

Did you know that egg whites can increase your fertility? It’s true! Using egg whites as a lubricant around the time of ovulation can significantly increase the chance of conceiving. Since your body produces almost the exact product (chemical-wise) as egg whites during ovulation, using them will give your body an extra boost and help increase your chance of conception.

Sexual Positions

A change in sexual positions can help increase your fertility. The best position for conception is the missionary position with a pillow under the hips of the woman. This will create a pelvic tilt and will position the cervix in a optimum position to receive the sperm. Remaining in this pelvic tilt for 15 to 30 minutes after intercourse will guarantee that the sperm reach the uterus. This is especially helpful for someone that has a tilted uterus or cervix.

As you can see, there is several methods to help increase your fertility and maximize your chances of conception naturally.