Facts about Bed Bugs

Facts about Bed Bugs
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Most people think that bed bugs are just a myth. This is due in part to the childhood chant which begs the listener to keep the bed bugs from biting. In reality, these insects do exist. They are small and flat and do not have any wings. Rather like mosquitoes, they receive nourishment from blood. They feed on both people and animals.

What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs' coloring ranges from white to brown before they have fed. Afterwards, they take on a red shade which looks like the color of rust. They are called bed bugs because they hide in blankets and mattresses. They tend to be active at nighttime, which is when they feed; they are inactive during the day. On average, they live about ten months and can subsist for several weeks without eating. They do not spread diseases, but their bites are itchy, so they can become infected quite easily when the sufferer scratches. Some people are even allergic to bed bug bites.

Causes of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be found all over the world. They used to be somewhat rare in North America and in Europe, but in recent years have appeared there quite frequently. They tend to be easily found in hotels and motels, as well as hostels and shelters. They are also found in complexes where a large number of people are frequently coming and going. Otherwise, what causes bed bugs is not really known. It is known that they can typically be found in small crevices.

Prevention of Bed Bugs

In order to prevent an infestation of bed bugs, it is imperative to keep things clean. Assorted debris, especially wood and paper, should be removed. Furniture and bedding should frequently be cleaned and vacuumed. Special attention should be paid to small places. If a mattress is infested with bed bugs, it should be thrown away. However, clothing and bedding can be washed in hot water and dried in hot temperatures. Bug sprays and insecticides can also help prevent bed bugs. If all else fails, then an exterminator or pest specialist should be able to get rid of bed bugs. The best a person can do is to keep his or her living space as clean as possible. That is the only way to keep bed bugs from showing up.

Treatments of Bed Bugs Bites

Bed bug bites can easily be treated with antibacterial ointments. Bites from the bed bug should not be scratched due to the risk of infection. If the person who has been bitten by a bed bug has an allergic reaction, he or she should visit the hospital as soon as possible.


Photo credit: Piotr Naskrecki, Wikimedia Commons(https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bed_bug_nymph,_Cimex_lectularius.jpg)