Nutritional Supplements for High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure is known as an indicator for a more serious condition such as a heart attack or stroke. So, what is blood pressure? It is the resistance created when the heart beats or contracts. Each heart beat sends blood pumping through the arteries. Systolic pressure is the highest reading during the contraction. The lowest reading is indicated when the heart relaxes in between heartbeats which is known as diastolic pressure. This is how you get a blood pressure reading: Systolic (highest)/ Diastolic (lowest), for instance a mild reading would be 140/95.

This gives you a clear idea of the ranges of blood pressure:

• “Pre-hypertension” would include these readings 120/80 - 139/89

• “Borderline” 120/90 - 160/94

• “Mild” 140/95 - 160/104

• “Moderate” 140/105 - 180/114

• “Severe” can have a reading of anything in excess of 160/115

The causes have been linked to both hereditary factors and lifestyle choices. By lifestyle choices I mean smoking, drinking lack of exercise, obesity and too much stress. Of course, these are only the more common elements that contribute to high blood pressure.

Nutritional Supplements for High Blood Pressure

Nutritional supplements for high blood pressure are taken when enough essential nutrients are not consumed enough via daily diets. Experts seem to agree that the daily foods that should be consumed by people suffering from high blood pressure consist of: potassium and fiber rich foods, garlic, vegetables, and fish, nuts and seeds that are loaded in essential fatty acids.

The nutritional supplements that should be taken in combination with a healthy diet include the following for optimal heart health: Co-Enzyme Q-10, fish oil and/or flaxseed oils (excellent sources of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids), chromium, vitamin E, chlorella, cayenne, green tea, ginseng, along with a good multivitamin.

By changing your lifestyle choices, embracing an exercise routine, and moderating how much and what you eat on a daily basis you too can lower your numbers. Lowering blood pressure is not as difficult a task as one might think. The vital nutrients provided here both in a diet and by nutritional supplements can prove to be quite helpful in reducing your elevated blood pressure numbers.


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