Herbs for High Blood Pressure including garlic, hawthorn and many more.

Herbs for High Blood Pressure including garlic, hawthorn and many more.
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High blood pressure is a silent disease. It is a disease that at least 1 in 3 people will have an experience with at some point in their lives however only a third of the people with high blood pressure will not know they have it according to the American Heart Association. Adding herbs for high blood pressure to your diet can help prevent high blood pressure symptoms from appearing. Fresh herbs are best but dried herbs can help lower and prevent high blood pressure also.


Garlic is the first and best herb for high blood pressure. Tasty, flavorful and a compliment to all kinds of cooked dishes it works to reduce hypertension in patients with mildly high blood pressure. Garlic and garlic supplements were used in clinical trials to see if the reduction of hypertension was significant. It was however more studies will need to be done about the long term affect of garlic supplements for combating heart disease. Herb garlic is also a blood thinner which reduces the body’s ability to produce blood clots. This herb can interact with blood thinning medicines like Coumadin, Aspirin, Trental, Vitamin E and gingko. Before minor or major surgeries you may be requested to stop use of garlic as healing can be significantly slowed.

Garlic Fields


Hawthorn is one of the safest herbs ever to be used as an ingredient in meals as well as in supplemental form for heart disease and blood pressure. There are no known side effects associated with the hawthorn herb as well as no known interaction problems with regular medications. Hawthorn, a shrubby plant with pretty berries, has also been used to lower cholesterol and has been found to have potent antioxidant properties. Adding this herb to a diet will help lower blood pressure as well as the aforementioned complications of the body.

Hawthorn Shrub

Hawthorn for fighting high blood pressure.

Other High Blood Pressure Herbs

Although the garlic herb is the best one for fighting and preventing high blood pressure or hypertension other herbs that you can easily add to your diet should be mentioned. These herbs are bayberry, hyssop, black cohosh, ginger, valerian, nutmeg, ginseng, cayenne pepper, kelp, stinging nettle, cardamom and more. High blood pressure herbs added to everyday diets can drastically reduce the onset of this silent disease.


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